What are cookies, and how do I enable or disable them on my Samsung Galaxy device?

What are cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of data sent by websites that are stored on your computer or phone. Cookies are mainly used to store your usernames and passwords, which makes it quicker and easier to use your favourite websites. Cookies are also used to store information such as your searches. This helps to improve suggested content and personalize the ads you see.

You can allow or disallow all cookies in your browser’s settings. If you only want to disable cookies for certain websites, you will have to change the settings on the sites themselves. It’s important to bear in mind that some websites require you to enable cookies in order to save your preferred settings, and some websites may not run if you do not allow cookies on them.

Find out how to clear your cookies, cache and browsing history.

Please note: These instructions are for managing your cookies on the Samsung Internet app. You can find out how to manage your cookies on different browsers here:

Find out more about managing your cookies on the Chrome Internet app

Find out more about managing your cookies on the Firefox Internet app

On the Samsung Internet app, you can manage the cookie settings for all websites in one place. This means you won’t have to manage the settings for each individual website.

1 Open the Settings app
Settings app icon
2 Tap Apps
Apps selected in settings menu
3 Scroll down then tap Samsung Internet
Samsung Internet selected in apps settings menu
4 Tap Samsung Internet settings
Samsung Internet settings selected in settings menu
5 Tap Sites and downloads
Sites and downloads selected in Samsung Internet settings menu
6 Tap Site permissions
Site permissions selected in Sites and downloads menu
7 Tap Cookies
Cookies selected in Site permissions menu
8 Select whether you would like to Allow all cookies, Block third-party cookies, or Block all cookies
Options to allow all cookies, block third-party cookies or block all cookies in settings menu

Please note: some websites require the use of cookies. This may stop you from being able to access some websites

1 Go to the website you want to manage cookies for

Please note: Whenever you visit a website for the first time, you’ll be shown a popup asking you to accept cookies on the website. If you’ve visited the website before and have already accepted their use of cookies, you won’t see this popup. To see this option again, try clearing your browsing history and cookies.

2 Tap the option that lets you Manage cookies
Configure cookies selected on website popup
3 The websites use of cookies will be separated into sections. Tap YES or NO to adjust the settings to your preference

Please note: the options for managing cookies may look different, depending on the website you want to manage cookies for. Some websites will only allow you to visit them if you accept all cookie use.

Cookies options on website popup
4 Tap Save preferences and close to save your cookie settings
Save preferences and close selected on cookies popup
1 Tap the menu icon in the bottom right of the screen
Menu icon selected in Samsung Internet
2 Tap Settings
Settings selected in Samsung Internet menu
3 Tap Personal browsing data
Personal browsing data selected in Internet settings
4 Tap Delete browsing data
Delete browsing data selected in Internet settings
5 Select which parts of your browsing data you wish to delete
Selecting browsing data to be deleted in Internet settings
6 Tap Delete data
Delete data selected in Internet settings
7 Tap Delete
Delete selected in popup in Internet settings

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