What are cookies, and how do I enable or disable them on my Samsung Galaxy device?

What are cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of data sent by websites that store information on your computer. This is mostly used to store your usernames and passwords, making it easier and quicker to use your favourite sites. Cookies can also be used to record other information such as your searches, to improve your recommended purchases and the adverts you see.


You can choose to allow or disallow all cookies in your browser’s settings. If you only want to disable cookies on certain websites, you will have to change your settings on the website itself. Be aware that if you do disallow all cookies, some websites will require cookies to be allowed in order to save your preferred settings.


Find out how to clear your cookies, cache and browsing history.

Managing cookies for a specific websiteClick to Expand
1 Open the website that you would like to manage the cookies for

Please note: when you visit a website for the first time you will often be shown a pop up that asks you to agree with the sites use of cookies. If you've visited the website before and accepted their use of cookies you will not be shown this pop up. Try clearing your browsing history and cookies to see this option again

2 Tap the option that lets you MANAGE COOKIES
Tap manage cookies
3 The websites use of cookies should be separated into sections. Tap YES or NO to adjust the settings to your preference

Please note: depending on the website you wish to manage the cookies for, the options you have may look different. Some websites require you to accept all cookie use before you view the site

Tap YES or NO to adjust your cookie settings
4 Tap AGREE AND PROCEED to save your cookie settings
Managing cookies for all websitesClick to Expand

The Samsung Internet app allows you to manage your cookie settings for all websites in one place. This means that you don't have to individually manage your settings for specific websites. 

Please note: these are the steps for managing your cookies on the Samsung Internet app. If you use a different app to browse the internet the steps may be different


Find out more about managing your cookies on the Chrome Internet app


Find out more about managing your cookies on the Firefox Internet app

1 Swipe up on your home screen, to access your apps
Swipe up on the home screen
2 Tap Settings
Tap Settings
3 Tap Apps
Tap Apps
4 Tap the settings cog next to Samsung Internet
Tap the settings cog next to Samsung internet
5 Tap Privacy and security
Tap Privacy and security
6 Tap Accept cookies
Tap Accept cookies
7 Tap the switch next to Allow third-party cookies to prevent third-parties from saving and reading cookies on your phone
Tap the switch next to allow third party cookies to prevent third parties from saving and accessing cookies
8 Tap the On switch to turn all cookies off

Please note: some websites require the use of cookies. This may stop you from being able to access some websites

Tap the on switch to turn all cookies off

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