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Stay Home This Summer and Enjoy Stadium Style Sports

Jul 27. 2016

Sports are stepping out of the stadium and onto the big screen TVs in our living rooms

All year round sports fans all over the world head out to local stadiums to see their favorite games played live and witness the intense gameplay unfolding before their very eyes. If you’ve ever been to any real live stadium sporting match you know all about the atmosphere of being right in there, amongst the crowd, as you cheer for your favorite players (and maybe even boo their opponents!) The sights, sounds and the smells bring the game to life. We’re sure you’ve heard people say, “There’s nothing quite like going out to the big game.” Even up until the recent past they would’ve been absolutely right. But let’s rephrase that for 2016. “There’s nothing quite like NOT going out – and watching the big game at home on your big screen TV!” In the past you would have been chased out of the grandstand for such sports blasphemy but the big screen TV that is Samsung’s Quantum dot TVs is not only changing the way people watch sports but also giving live sport events a serious run for their money. Could Samsung’s flagship big screen TV, the SUHD TV, be the best TV for sports ever?

  • Select Setting on Smart Hub UI on SUHD TV
  • Select picture option on SUHD TV
  • Optimize TV setting via Special viewing mode on SUHD TV
  • Select Sports Mode Function on SUHD TV
  • Turn on Sports Mode Functions on SUHD TV
  • Enjoy Advanced Sports Mode Functions on SUHD TV

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Advanced Sports Mode Functions give users full control without complications

While Quantum dot TV’s top-shelf picture quality in itself is enough to keep you glued to the game on your TV, Samsung also offers Sports Mode to elevate your entertainment experience to new heights. Samsung have figured out exactly how to help sports fans get more out of the game. When you go into Sports Mode the first thing you’ll notice is the color and audio optimization. Gameplay is more vivid looking and the sound of the game is immense, especially the sound in the background. But Sports Mode doesn’t stop with just greater visual clarity and an exciting sonic atmosphere. It hosts a range of other features including: highlight recording and automatic replay of game highlights (simply insert a USB stick), slow-motion replay, zoom in, and even watch live TV at the same time if that’s what takes your fancy.* But wait, sounds complicated? Nope, not at all—Sports Mode is quickly and easily activated with the SUHD TV’s remote and it features a UI that’s smooth and intuitive to use.

New level of realism with the Quantum dot TV

New level of realism with the SUHD TV

Right off the bat, SUHD TV’s incredible curved screen delivers double the immersive viewing experience of conventional televisions, something that you’ll relish when compared with the typically flat images you may be used to. For as long as we’ve had TV screens in our homes, there have been sports broadcasts—and they were good. But if there was any problem with the big screen TVs of old, it was that they weren’t what you’d call ‘the best TV for sports’ as they didn’t really immerse you in the sporting experience, until now that is. We’re now living in a time where your home can become the ultimate stage for the sports you love to watch, all thanks to bigger more human adapted screens and technology that reproduces more brilliant, lifelike colors and superbly detailed images. And that’s where your Quantum Dot TV steps in.

No details missed on the Quantum dot TV

No details missed on the Quantum dot TV

Quantum dot TV displays a color gamut spanning a billion hues to bring an unprecedented level of precision imagery to your sports. You’ll see colors like you can’t believe and see everything come alive on the screen, right in front of your very eyes. Thanks to Samsung’s advanced TV technology, watching sports on the Quantum dot TV is just like being in the very front row at a sports match. Samsung’s Quantum dot TV—it takes you up and close into the game and makes watching sports at home a more vivid, lifelike experience. Samsung’s Quantum dot TV technology brings out every play in sensational color and clarity, with more detail now than ever before so you’ll always be in the center of the action. Also amongst the myriad of other advanced abilities the SUHD TV sports (pun intended) motion clarity and screen uniformity. These are considered two of the most important things to look for in a big screen TV. But what does that mean for you as a sports fan? Well, if you’re watching fast-paced sports, high motion clarity is your TV’s ability to display quickly moving objects (ball, car, etc.) without excessive blurring. And by the same token, if you are watching a scene that pans across a background of uniform tone (e.g. a sports field) screen uniformity is the degree to which your TV can display that scene without undesirable dark bands and dirty screen effects appearing onscreen. The good news is, according to a recent comparison and review on HDTVTest, SUHD TVs “generally exhibit high motion clarity and good screen uniformity” hence it being ranked as number 1 for watching sports amongst all the 4K TVs tested1 . Experience sports TV detail as you never have before on your big screen TV.

Enhanced definition for all your favorite sports

It’s 2016 and more and more sports content providers are preparing to commence 4K broadcasting, in some cases 4K HDR.2 Lucky fans in a growing number of regions will soon be able to watch their favorite sports in an unprecedented level of clarity. Especially if they own one of Samsung’s Quantum dot TVs. One of the many great features of Samsung’s Quantum dot TV is that it lets you take advantage of its HDR capabilities to maximize your sports viewing experience and catch all the details of the games that you love. With ultimate contrast levels in bright and dark sections of the Quantum dot TV’s screen, every part of the games looks more vibrant. More precise images ensure that not even a small detail will go unnoticed. All these color breakthroughs mean that watching sports at home is now on par with, if not better than, actually being at the game.

watching sports on Quantum dot TV

The line between TV spectator and Stadium spectator is rapidly diminishing

So what do you get when you blend the broader color gamut of Quantum dot Color, the incredible contrast of HDR 1000 and the unique functions of Sports Mode? Samsung SUHD TV – the all-round Quantum dot TV viewing experience that redefines ‘armchair sports’ for the better! You might find yourself deciding to stay home a little more often to enjoy your favorite sports broadcasts on your big screen TV, once you experience all the advanced features SUHD TV has to offer. And if you’re a social type, you can even add your sports fan friends to the mix and you’ll have the recipe for the ultimate sports party right in your own home. The most complicated part will be preparing the party snacks. You really haven’t watched sports on TV until you’ve tried Samsung SUHD TV.

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