Evolution of the Smart Remote Control

Evolution of the Smart Remote Control

Dec 16. 2016

From not-so-smart to a truly smart remote in 60 years

TV remote controls have been around for almost as long as TVs themselves. If you have any relatives that were abreast of the leading TV tech in the 1950s they may just remember the first (but finicky) wired TV remotes that would trip your pets or kids up. And then there were the remotes that worked fine as long as you pointed them at the sensor correctly. As times changed, more and more TV connectable devices came to prominence. Your grandparents may never have had the need nor the want to connect a new device to their then ‘new-fangled’ TV but you or one of your tech-savvy friends have certainly hooked up at least one such device to a television you have known. Presently, with a few twists and turns along the TV tech road, we have a new standard: One Remote Control and Auto Detection. In a nutshell, One Remote Control and Auto Detection make watching your favorite shows on your Samsung smart TV easy and we’re sure that once you’ve experienced it for yourself you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

Auto Detection function finding devices automatically and displaying the name of the device

First, what is Auto Detection?

The TVs found in most homes these days have various connected entertainment devices such as over-the-top devices, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and game consoles. It can be a pain to manage the connections. But Auto Detection makes finding connected devices simple. Ever connected multiple HDMI devices to your TV only to get confused about which device was on which HDMI channel? Perhaps you’re familiar with flicking through the TV/AV channel input selection menu trying to find where the DVD player is? Ready to give up? No need, as Auto Detection solves those problems. It knows more about your various devices than you’d expect. When a device is connected via one of the Quantum dot TV’s HDMI ports, the Auto Detection function finds it automatically and displays the name of the device. No more wondering whether your game device is HDMI1 or 2.

One remote control seamlessly controlling all the different kinds of devices connected to your Quantum dot tv

What is One Remote Control?

One Remote Control is a universal remote control but it’s not your run-of-the-mill device. Remember just before we mentioned all those over-the-top devices, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and game consoles you can find in homes these days? The problem is that these devices don’t have a single standard method of remote communication—infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals are all pinging around your living room via the various remotes that control these peripherals independently. One Remote Control takes care of all that as a universal remote control with a difference. Sure, it’s small but it’s also a powerful and elegant solution to the problem of seamlessly controlling all those different kinds of devices connected to your Quantum dot TV.

Quantum dot tv automatically recognizing plugged HDMI devices

Is the One Remote Control difficult to set up?

Not at all. One of the great things about your Quantum dot TV is that it does the lion’s share of the setup so you don’t have to. As mentioned before, just plug in your HDMI device and your Quantum dot TV will automatically recognize it—the TV may also ask you a few questions if necessary. Then the TV wirelessly teaches One Remote Control what it needs to know to control the newly connected device—all in the background of course. When you want to use a connected device, it’s as simple as selecting it in Smart Hub then pointing your remote at the actual device and issuing controls to it. You’re all set to get entertained!

Quantum dot TV with one remote and auto detection knows just how to simplify access and control of multiple devices

The advanced smart remote for a smarter entertainment experience

Would you like a streamlined entertainment experience? The various devices that are meant to be enjoyed needn’t become an unmanageable mess. Just think of all the remotes you will be able to put away in that overpopulated drawer where obsolete tech goes to die. Your Quantum dot TV with One Remote and Auto Detection knows just how to simplify access and control of multiple devices for a smooth, enjoyable entertainment—not to mention a tidy living room table and less batteries changes! Isn’t it about time you took a closer look at the Samsung’s smart TV that is the Quantum dot TV with One Remote?

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