Five Reasons Why the Curved TV

Five Reasons Why the Curved TV is the New Flat

Apr 29. 2016

Life isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes it’s standing in the middle of a raging storm. Other times it’s taking to the skies and feeling the bracing wind on your cheeks. When viewed on a curved TV, it couldn’t be more so.

curves of an Ultra HD TV screen

“You feel more engaged and everything feels that much more real”

Whether you’re catching up on the latest season of a certain U.S. politician who has manipulated his way to the White House or whether you’re engaged in an epic battle against a never-ending onslaught of zombies, the curves of an Ultra HD TV screen bring a whole new level of credibility to it all. You feel more engaged and everything feels that much more real. You’re able enjoy one of the most common pastimes – watching TV – in a way you’ve never done before. But why? Why is it so much better on a curved TV versus a flat TV?

Curved tv comfort

Curved comfort

Apparently, it’s human nature to prefer curved lines over angular, straight lines and there are several studies to back that theory. One such study1 showed that when looking at curved lines, there was a general increase in the activity of the pleasure centers in the human brain, indicating that we might actually be hard-wired to feel happy when we look at curves. Another study2 that found a significantly higher preference for curves over sharp angles, theorized that it may be due to natural selection where sharp objects were more likely to trigger fear and feelings of being threatened in our ancestors, whereas curved outlines were viewed as being safe. Given the effect curved lines have on us, if you’ve been thinking about getting a new TV, a curved TV versus flat might be a better option.

wrap-around effect of the curved TV

Wrap-around effect

And it’s not just about how we feel about curves. The curves on our TVs are physically easier on the eyes as well. With the TV screen curving along with the natural curves of our eyes, the edges of the curved screen come into our field of vision and we’re able to see everything that’s on the screen. And as opposed to flat TVs, curved TV screens have less visual geometric distortion3 giving the added benefit of making watching TV less tiring on our eyes since they’re working less.4 To get an even better viewing experience, consider maintaining a good TV viewing distance.5

Wider field of view the curved TV

Wider field of view

Because of this wrap-around effect, we also get the sensation of actually being right there on the scene. The wider field of view enabled by the curves of the screen give it a panoramic effect which makes the TV screen itself seem larger than it is. With Samsung’s curved version of the ultra slim SUHD TVs, the curves have been engineered to form the optimal curvature for TV viewing, meaning that when the big games are on, you have the best seat in town. Just don’t forget to keep that optimal TV viewing distance.

“you’re in for a ride”

Auto Depth Enhancer

Not only that, curved SUHD TVs come with Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer that deliver a greater sense of depth to the picture. So when you have the combination of the SUHD TV’s curves, Ultra HD technology and Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer at home, movie nights might never be the same again. What you see on the screen will feel so very real, you might even be reluctant to press play on that horror movie. When the action plunges you into free fall, you’ll need to hold on to your movie buddy or at least a cushion because when picture quality is this good, this real you’re in for a ride.

 psychology of curvy architecture

Architectural waves

For one more reason why curves win when it’s a case of the curved TV versus flat: the continual rise of curvy, wavy buildings in our cities. In an article6 that explored the psychology of curvy architecture, a professor suggested it’s because curved buildings can point to nature, while angular buildings contrast with it. Several articles7 and studies suggest that curves create a sense of relief in our brains and stimulate the area referred to as the pleasure center. And that could possibly be why getting a curved TV just might be the most natural thing in the world to do.

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