Combi Ovens

Infinite Combi Oven range

Whether you're planning a big feast and need a second oven, or are short on space, an Infinite Combi Oven can be a lifesaver. Don’t be fooled by their neat appearance. With up to 50L of cooking space, they can handle a turkey or tagine easily. And they're not just handy for preparing big meals –many can microwave and grill too. So Infinite Combi Ovens make a really flexible addition to your kitchen.

Compact Infinite Line Samsung ovens are smaller dimensions, with the same possibilities. Choose from variants with the microwave or steam function

Roast, bake
and steam
to perfection

With the Steam Combi Oven you have the ultimate flexibility in the kitchen. You can use it as a normal oven; you can add Steam Assist to ensure that everything is deliciously crisp and juicy; or you can use Full Steam to cook healthy steamed dishes*. It’s multitasking magic.

* Steam options can only be used on convection setting.

The Samsung compact steam oven means smaller dimensions and baking with 100% steam. It also has standard baking programs

* Steam options can only be used on convection setting.

Combi Oven with microwave function

Thanks to the combination of oven and microwave functions, this appliance will work in almost every task you entrust to it. Baking, thawing and heating ready meals - everything to facilitate work in the kitchen.

The compact oven with microwave is a combination of oven and microwave that allows you to conveniently heat, defrost and bake for your convenience

Fail-safe cooking,
all round

Say goodbye to mealtime disasters. Two powerful fans get the oven hot fast, then circulate heat nice and evenly. With every meal thoroughly cooked, there'll be no surprises when you dish up.

Samsung built-in compact oven makes roast chicken by using a dual cook steam function that makes cooking speed faster.

Discover practical amenities

Warming Drawer

Supplement your Infinite Oven and Combi Oven with a matching Warming Drawer. Simply push to open and use it’s 25L capacity to defrost, keep food warm, plate warming and for those keen bakers, dough proving.

In the Infinite built-in household appliances line you will also find a warming drawer that will keep food warm, as well as rising dough.

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