Energy efficiency label ratings are changing

Fridges, washing machines, washer-dryers and dishwashers energy labels are getting revamped in 2021, in line with new regulations. Exit the A+++ ratings, welcome back the original A-G scale to help navigate easily.

Why are energy labels changing?

First introduced 20 years ago, energy labels awarded a product with an A for high efficiency, or an F for low efficiency and encouraged manufacturers to drive innovation by using more energy efficient technologies. Over time, the scheme evolved and labels of A+, A++ and A+++ were added, adding confusion for consumers.

From 2021 onwards, these A+, A++, A+++ rankings will be phased out for refrigerators (including wine cellars), washing machines, washer-dryers and dishwashers and the new grading system will use only the A to G rankings. Some home appliances, such as the A+++ tumble dryer range, may still use the previous energy label ratings.

The new regulations are for European consumers and will also apply in non-EU countries (e.g. Norway, Switzerland).

What happens now?

These new labels will be visible in physical stores and online as of March 1st 2021. Old and new labels will both appear in your box if you purchase a fridge, washing machine, washer-dryer or dishwasher from September 2020.

A new element in these labels is a QR code which will provide consumers additional, official (non-commercial) information if they scan the code with a smartphone. This data available to any European citizen, is in the EPREL EU database.

See how the old and new labels compare

How the old labels worked

At the moment, the energy efficiency rating scale ranges from A+++ (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient) and only takes into account the following factors:

• Energy consumption
• Storage volume
• Whether or not the appliance has a freezer compartment

How the new labels
will work

For the first time, these new energy labels will display not only energy efficiency consumption, but also include other elements in line with improving overall sustainability. Depending on the products, the EU legislation on eco-design will include information on factors such as:

• Reparability
• Recyclability
• Maintenance
• Re-usability
• Upgrades
• Waste handling of appliances

See the new labels for each category

What does it mean for your
Samsung products?

Our refrigerators, washing machines, washer-dryers and dishwashers energy labels are aligned with the new legislation. We strive for our products to not only be as energy efficient as possible, but also as powerful and innovative as they can be.

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