Gender Pay Gap Report


We continue to focus on hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry and drive for the diversity of our colleagues, to reflect that of our customers, partners and consumers. We believe a diverse team is essential and benefits everyone we work with.

Innovation and change continue to drive Samsung and in response we need increasingly diverse talent, especially more women in our senior and executive levels. We have made progress to actively support and enable our female talent to flourish, yet we have more to do to drive change; both at Samsung and in the tech industry generally.

What are we reporting on?

'The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017' require all companies with more than 250 employees based in the UK to report their Gender Pay Gap.

Under the Regulations, we must report on:
   • our mean & median Gender Pay Gap
   • our mean & median Gender Bonus Gap
   • the proportion of men & women by pay quartile
   • the percentage of men & women receiving a bonus

Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay explained

Gender Pay Gap is not the same as Equal Pay.

Equal Pay is where a man and a woman doing the same type of work receive the same pay.
The Gender Pay Gap is the comparison of the pay for all the men and all the women in our business, taken at a snapshot in time.

Samsung is a committed Equal Pay employer.

Our 2018 Results

Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd is comprised of a number of divisions; results include pay data for colleagues from all of these which include sales and marketing, customer services, European management, research and development and design functions.

For 2018 our median Gender Pay Gap is 17.52%, an improvement from 26.34% (2017).

For 2018 our mean Gender Pay Gap is 21.25%, an improvement from 26.1% (2017).

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