How do I use Screen off Memos on the Galaxy Note9?

In this video we’ll show you how to make notes using Screen-off Memos without having to unlock your Note9.

Discover how easy it is to write memos directly on the screen.


The Screen-off memo function allows you to take notes on your device without having to unlock it, by writing directly on the screen.

Use the Screen-off Memo function when your screen is locked.

Remove the S Pen or tap the screen with the S Pen while pressing and holding the S Pen button.

Write your memo on the screen and add more pages by tapping the add pages icon on the bottom right corner.

Once done, tap SAVE IN NOTES on the top right corner.

You can also pin your note to the Always on Display screen by tapping the pin icon on the top left corner and then Pin to Always on Display. 

Pinned content will be shown for 30 minutes.

By double tapping the arrow icon the memo will be minimalized on the Always on Display.

By double tapping this icon (underneath the time and date) the memo will be shown again.

By double tapping the bin icon you will delete the memo.
To view all your saved memos go to the Samsung Notes app.
Here you can edit or share your memo.

Tap the more options icon to delete the memo or pin it to your home screen.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note9, the Screen off memo will be written in the same colour as the S Pen, although the text is grey on the Midnight Black device.

To change the default colour to grey, go to Settings, tap Advanced Features, then tap S Pen, and tap Screen off memo. Now tap Use S Pen signature colour, and turn it OFF.  

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