How to stop pop up ads on my phone?

How to remove ads from a Galaxy smartphone

Sometimes when you download certain apps, they push pop up ads onto your phone. Having adverts spontaneously appear on your home screen, lock screen or when running apps can be super annoying and disruptive. Keep on reading to see why this happens and some tips and tricks on how to get rid of some of the ads on your phone.

Why do I keep getting ads on my phone?

Pop up ads are nothing to do with the phone itself, they are caused by third party apps that have been downloaded onto your phone. When you download certain apps onto your phone, they push annoying ads to you. This is a way for the app developers to make money. The more often the ads pop up on your screen, the more money they make. Although you may find some of the ads useful, there is no reason to have them pop up all over your screen, whatever you’re doing.

How do I get rid of personalised ads on my phone?

First thing’s first, the best way to avoid ads on your Samsung Galaxy phone is by stopping them before they start. Samsung’s ads are all opt in, so being vigilant during set-up can help you to avoid them. You can find the opt in for ads option in the setup of your Samsung account. The ‘use the customisation service’ toggle will enable personalised promotions on Samsung apps. This won’t fully disable ads but will stop them from being personalised with your data.

If you missed this option during set-up, you can still opt out of personalised ads by following these steps:

1 Open ‘Settings’
2 Tap on ‘Samsung Account’
3 Head to the ‘Privacy’ section
4 Click on 'customisation service'
5 This brings up a link to your Privacy Settings
6 Turn off the customisation service

Another benefit of removing personalised ads is that it will reduce the number of ads on your Samsung device.

How do I Mute Notifications from Ads?

You can easily avoid ads in Samsung’s apps, but it’s pretty hard to ignore them when they show up alongside your messages! To disable notifications, you can do so all at once by following these steps: 

How do I mute notifications from ads
1 Go to Settings > Notifications
2 If an ad just arrived recently through the notification tray, you should see them under recently sent
3 If you want, you can turn off notifications for that app with the toggle
4 If the app sent the notification much earlier, you'll need to dig a bit further to locate that app and access its notification settings

If you want to disable the notification as it arrives, just long press the notification and turn off the toggle for notifications for that app.

How do I stop pop up ads altogether?

Unfortunately you probably can’t. However, the following steps will help minimise them as much as possible! 

1 Identify the app that is sending the pop up

●      In order to show the ad, the app must be active on your device.

●      Launch the Google Play store to see which apps were recently active.

●      Click the 3 lines icon, go to my apps and games > installed > last used.

●      This should help you narrow it down, especially if it shows an app that you haven’t used recently.

●      Select one of the most recently used apps and uninstall them until the pop up ads stop.

2 Block ads via Google chrome

●      Head in to the google chrome app and tap the 3 dots icon.

●      Select settings.

●      Scroll down the page and select site settings.

●      Click on pop ups and redirects.

●      Ensure this setting is toggled off.

●      Select ads and ensure this is also toggled off.

3 Block ads via Samsung internet

  • Select settings.
  • Select sites and download > Toggle on block pop ups.
  • Head back to the Samsung Internet menu and select Ad Blockers.
  • Download a suggested ad blocker.

Need further assistance?

If you have tried the above steps and still are unable to stop the pop up ads from appearing on your Samsung device, this may be a sign that your phone has a virus. Learn more about how to check and remove viruses from your Galaxy phone here or reach out to us via the Samsung Members app for further assistance. 


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