Why is my S Pen not performing properly?

Your S Pen is a powerful tool that helps you make the most of your Note9.

If you feel a decrease in the S Pen’s performance, it may be due to specific external conditions or improper use.

Below, find how to maintain your S Pen correctly.

The S Pen actions are not reflected on screen

Mobile cases and accessories with magnetic parts may affect the electromagnetic field and cause malfunctions. You may find your S Pen might not be recognised easily or notice certain blending in its lines.

Remove any cases, covers and mobile accessories, then move your phone far from other devices that may alter the Note9 magnetic field.

Remove any cases, covers and mobile accessories

Preserving your S Pen

It is important to keep the S Pen in good condition.

Tips for maintaining your S Pen:

  • Do not press hard on the screen with the S Pen as excessive pressure may deform the tip.
  • If you use the S Pen at sharp angles on the Note9 screen, the device may not recognise the S Pen actions.
  • Properly dry the S Pen after contact with water or liquids.

You can also check the condition of the S Pen tip and replace it if you notice any damage.

Replacing the S Pen’s tip:

1 Hold the tip with the tweezers and remove it gently from the S Pen’s body.
Hold the tip with the tweezers and remove gently
2 Insert a new tip into the S Pen.

Please note: Do not insert the tip’s round end into the S Pen or press it excessively. Also, do not reuse old or damaged tips, this may damage your S Pen. 

Insert a new tip into the S Pen

The S Pen seems to be disconnected

If you want to connect a new S Pen or you have reset your S Pen, you should wait after the connecting process ends before extracting the S Pen from the device, otherwise the process will be interrupted.

Learn how to connect another S Pen or reset your existing S Pen.

The S Pen is not extracting properly

If your S Pen has been exposed to wet conditions, you may feel some resistance when pressing the end of the S Pen to extract it.

Dry your S Pen properly with a dry cloth or shake it gently from the end before inserting it back into the slot.



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