Galaxy Mobile Accessibility

Galaxy S8 front view to apply mobile accessibility


Colour Adjustment

Adjust how colours are displayed on the screen if you have difficulty in distinguishing colours. Your phone will then re-adjust to help make colours more recognisable.

Galaxy S8 front view Colour Adjustment

Voice Assistant /
Voice Assistant Help

When Voice Assistant is on, your phone provides spoken feedback to help visually impaired users. In Voice Assistant Help, you can learn more about the different features available and try them out.

Voice Assistant / Voice Assistant Help

Dark Screen

For privacy, you can set your phone to function normally with the screen off.

 Galaxy S8 front view Dark Screen

Rapid Key Input

When you touch the Samsung Keyboard, your phone is able to read out the key under your finger. Simply release your finger from the screen to select the character you want.

Galaxy S8 front view Rapid key input

Voice Label

You can use NFC tags to distinguish objects of similar shape by attaching labels to them. You can record and assign a voice recording to an NFC tag. The voice recording is played back when you place your phone near the NFC tag.

Galaxy S8 front view Voice Label

Font and Screen Zoom

Change the screen zoom setting or font size and style.

 Galaxy S8 front view Font and Screen Zoom

High Contrast

Adjust the colour and outline of fonts to increase the contrast between the text and the background.

Galaxy S8 front view High Contrast Fonts

Magnifier Window

Use the Magnifier window to magnify content that is hard to read in a separate, movable window.

Galaxy S8 front view Magnifier Window

High Contrast Keyboards

Variety of high contrast keyboards options increase the size of the Samsung keyboard and change the color of the keys to increase the contrast between the text and the background.

Galaxy S8 front view High Contrast Keyboard

Greyscale /
Negative Colours

Invert screen colours for better visibility.

Greyscale  / Negative Colours

Magnifier Widget

Magnifier Widget includes features such as digital zoom, colour options, and capture using the camera.

Galaxy S8 front view Magnifier Widget

Show Button

Show frames around buttons to make them stand out.

Galaxy S8 front view Show Button

High Contrast

Use a theme with light-coloured content on a dark background for easier reading and higher visibility. This helps reduce eye fatigue when using your phone in a dark environment or for a long time. There are various high contrast themes available on the Samsung Theme Store.

Galaxy S8 front view High Contrast Theme

Colour Lens

Some people find reading against a white screen difficult or distracting, making it hard to concentrate on an article or message. If you have this problem, a Colour Lens can help. Changing the color of your screen has been shown to improve reading speed and comfort.

Galaxy S8 front view Colour Lens


Sound Detectors

Sound detectors allow the device to detect the sound of a baby crying or a doorbell ringing. Notification will be given through visual cues and vibration.

Galaxy S8 front view Sound Detector

Flash Notification

Flash notification flashes the camera light or the screen when you receive notifications or when alarms sound.

Galaxy S8 front view Flash Notification

Mute All Sounds

Mute all sounds turns off all sounds of the device.

Galaxy S8 front view Turn Off All Sounds

Left / Right Sound Balance

Adjust the left and right sound balance to suit your hearing preferences.

Galaxy S8 front view Left and Right Sound Balance

Mono Audio

Mono audio combines stereo sound into one signal that is played through all earphone speakers. Use this if you have a hearing impairment or if a single earbud is more convenient.

Galaxy S8 front view Mono Audio

Dexterity / Mobility

Universal Switch

Control the touchscreen by connecting an external switch, by tapping the screen, or by using head movements and face gestures.

Galaxy S8 front view Universal Switch

Assistant Menu

Show the assistive shortcut icon for accessing apps, features, and settings. You can easily control your phone by tapping the assistive menus in the icon.

Galaxy S8 front view Assistant Menu

Easy Screen
Turn On

Turn on the screen by moving your hand above the sensor at the top of your phone. You can turn on the screen without pressing any keys.

Galaxy S8 front view Easy Screen Turn on

Congnition & General

Interaction Control

Turn on interaction control mode to restrict your phone's sensitivity to touch interaction whilst using apps.

Galaxy S8 front view Interaction Control

Direction Lock

If you have difficulty using pattern locks, you can simply unlock your phone with the direction combination you set.

Galaxy S8 front view Direction Lock

Direct Access

Quickly press the Power key and the Volume up key at the same time to turn accessibility features on and off.

Galaxy S8 front view Direction Access


Set the device to alert you to notifications that you have not checked at your pre-set intervals.

Galaxy S8 front view Notification Reminder

Answering and
Ending Calls

You can use the Volume up key to answer calls and Power key to end them.

Galaxy S8 front view Answering And Ending Calls

Single Tap Mode

When an alarm sounds or a call comes in, tap the button to stop the alarm or answer the call instead of dragging the button.

Galaxy S8 front view Single Tap Mode