One UI


Delightful experiences, designed by you

How you use your phone is unique to you. That’s why One UI lets you think and act on your own terms by giving you the power to design your own digital experience. Bring delight to your day with the freedom to express yourself however you like.*

A brief video of various Galaxy screens showing One UI features. The first series of screens shows Settings menu, Volume control widget, Lock screen, Samsung Health widget, and Quick Settings panel. The second series shows Gallery app, a 4-way video call using Google Duo, Camera app, and Samsung Notes, with AR effects overlaid.

*Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC. Actual UI may change due to product enhancement. Available functions may vary depending on the device, country, region, carrier and the version of One UI.

Designed for your day-to-day convenience

Focus on what matters to you with One UI. Explore simple, seamless experiences that naturally suit your needs and apply comfort to every touch.

A Galaxy smartphone, tablet, watch and a Samsung PC all show the Gallery app opened with  UI design optimized to each device display.

More joyful and easier ways to get in touch

Live mobile conversations more convenient than ever. Quickly connect with family and friends, cast the call to another Galaxy screen, and customisLive mobile conversations are clearer and more convenient than ever. Quickly connect with family and friends, cast the call to a bigger screen, and customize your look without missing a second of quality time.e your look without missing a second of quality time.*

One Galaxy screen shows an AR effects mask video call. Another Galaxy screen shows the Messages app using AR effects.

*Wi-Fi/5G connection and tariff are required for FHD picture quality on 1:1 Google Duo video calls. AR effects are available on Galaxy S, Note, and Z series devices, Galaxy devices newer than A50, Galaxy Tab S series devices over TabS7 and devices running One UI 2.1 or higher.

Make everyday moments epic

Portraits and Selfies

Make the faces in your photos stand out brilliantly. Portrait mode applies lighting and background blur effects to brings out the best facial features. For selfies, the details in your skin tone, colour, contour, eyes, and hairline are corrected automatically.*

Two series of before-and-after photos demonstrate Galaxy camera app features: Out Focusing for Portrait Mode and Vibrant Color for Selfies.

*Availability varies by model.

Clear photos at night

Capture a special moment, even in the dark. Taking photos in low light atmosphere is no longer a problem with Night Mode. Trust in your Galaxy, take the shot, and enjoy vivid, beautiful colours of areas that are even hard to see with the naked eye.*

A Galaxy screen shows the camera app's Night mode function, which brightens and enhances photos taken in the dark.

*Availability varies by model.
The results of Night mode may vary depending on camera specifications of the device.

All it takes is one

Just one click of the shutter captures and selects your best moments. Various modes and effects are applied automatically, such as background blur on family portraits, videos of a running dog, and more.*

A Galaxy screen shows the Single Take mode camera function, surrounded by various photos and videos all captured by one shot.

*Availability varies by model.
The format and amount of Single Take results may differ based on original capture.

Make your life smarter and simpler

Stay in shape without taking a step outside your home. With your Galaxy connected to your TV through Smart view, you can turn on fitness or workout content on the big screen while watching yourself side-by-side in real-time to compare and improve your form.*

A woman, sitting down in her living room, is following a yoga pose showing on the TV in front of her. Next to the TV, her smartphone is recording her pose, which is being mirrored onto a small window on the lower righthand corner of her TV so that she can compare her pose to the instructional video playing.

*Service available on all Galaxy devices with One UI 3.1 update. Smart View is available on all smart TVs that support Miracast. However, for optimal experience, connection to Samsung Smart TVs launched in 2019 or later is recommended.

A balanced digital life for everyone

Digital Wellbeing

Get all the help you need from your Galaxy to live a healthier digital life. You can check your app usage patterns through Weekly Report. Also, you can reduce distractions from your phone while on the road on Driving mode, or block notifications at night for higher quality sleep on Bedtime mode.

A Galaxy screen and screenshots show the Digital Wellbeing feature, with graphs of screen time and app usage for one week.

Designed with everyone in mind

One UI makes the mobile experience easier for everybody. For those with visual impairments, the high-contrast keyboard that makes typing easier. The 'Speak keyboard input aloud' also sounds out the words or individual letters as you type to help you make sure you're writing what you intended.

The Galaxy messages app shows a high-contrast yellow keyboard on a black screen. The word "Hello" appears above the keyboard.

Protect your data & privacy from the inside out

Share at no one's risk

With Share sheet, you can delete shot location information when uploading your images on the web and social media. Also, with Private share, you can share files privately. You can set an expiration date on the file or revoke sharing so that the receiver can no longer open the file.*

*Secure memory is supported on Galaxy S, Note, and Z series devices. Only JPG format can be shared using Share Sheet.

A Galaxy screen with multiple photos arranged next to it shows the process of uploading a photo using Private Share, which gives the option of "Remove location data." The option is checked.

*Secure memory is supported on Galaxy S, Note, and Z series devices. Only JPG format can be shared using Share Sheet.

Foolproof security

With digital privacy more important ever, your Galaxy can help prevent leaking sensitive information. Regarding data security, your biometric data, passwords, password keys, and Samsung Pay and Health service authentication keys are kept safely inside your device hardware.

A Galaxy screen with a large Knox logo at the center. Surrounding the Galaxy are three icons related to data security: Fingerprint, Storage, and Key Account.

You can find the schedule for One UI upgrades from Notices on the Samsung Members App.
You can download and install Samsung Members from Galaxy Store.

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