Energy efficiency saves money

Energy Efficiency A+

Make your home more energy efficient and reduce your electricity bills. You can use the whole oven and still enjoy exceptional A+ rated energy efficiency with the Eco convention mode. And you still have the convenience of a very large and flexible oven space.

Photo of the Dual Cook Flex controls demonstrating the options to use the full oven, or upper or lower ovens

Save your energy

Dual Cook Flex™ with Flexible Door

Why waste energy heating the full oven, if you're only cooking something light in the top half? Dual Cook Flex™ is a more efficient way of cooking, saving you 20% on energy* when only using the top half.

Photo of the Dual Cook Flex highlighting the 20% energy saving when using just the top half of the oven

*Upper vs. whole compartment on small cake setting at convection 155°C (IEC-60350)