Live a Life Unstoppable
in Samsung’s house of surprises

Watch the video below to explore the house of surprises yourself. Follow the wacky Unstoppable family through the kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, study, cinema room and living room as special guests like Samsung Europe CMO, Benjamin Braun, guide you through Samsung’s newest range of technologies and devices.

Enter the house of surprises

Throughout this magical house tour you’ll be immersed in Samsung’s latest ecosystem of devices, that add flair and functionality to the ‘Unstoppables’ lives. After the past 18 months inside, the family aims to spark inspiration for those seeking a much-needed reset in their homes.

As you explore with us, you’ll learn how Samsung can rejuvenate your home.
Mini-movies starring the Unstoppables and commentary from special guests like Samsung Europe CMO, Benjamin Braun, are sure to show you how to ‘press play’ on a life of wonder and delight, a life unstoppable.

Meet the ‘Unstoppable’ Family


Archie may be the youngest in the family, but he certainly isn’t the quietest. This little whippersnapper is confident and loves showing off. After all, his dream is to become a magician.

Dad (Duncan)

You’ll always see Dad in his blue tracksuit – after all he is a keep-fit fanatic whose always on the go. When he’s finished with his tri-daily work outs, he loves winding down with a spot of immersive gaming.


Evie isn’t just a creative culinary prodigy - she’s environmentally adept and constantly curious. If she’s not sizzling something up on the stove, you’ll find her growing her own vegetables. Pretty impressive for an 11-year-old!

Gran (Mabel)

Though Gran might be the matriarch of the family, her past as a Mexican wrestler ensures she’s always the coolest in every room. Couple that with her refined sense of fashion and stylish demeanor – she really is a force to be reckoned with!

Mum (Mirabel)

Though Mum might be a rock chick and wannabe musician, she still hasn’t worked out how to play any instrument! But that won’t stop her from turning the speakers up to full blast and dancing around the house.

Archie Archie

Innovations to help you ‘press play’

In every room throughout the house, there are Samsung products enabling the Unstoppables to get the very best out of their lifestyle. Whether it’s televisions, soundbars, phones, washers, dryers, monitors and even air purifiers, every product allows the family to unearth their inner creativity and passion.

Every Samsung product we show you, allows you to ‘press play’ on life, so you can welcome newfound excitement into your home.

Our latest products for this year’s Life Unstoppable

Check out some of Samsung’s newest releases below.

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