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Power of 10

Power of 10

The Galaxy S10+ seen at a three-quarter angle from the left side and the Galaxy Note10+ seen at a three-quarter angle from the right side with the blue S Pen leaning on its right side. The Galaxy S10+ has a 1 on the screen. The Galaxy Note10+ has a 0 on the screen. Together they form the Power of 10.

Intelligent Battery

Power to keep up
with your day.1

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All-Day Intelligent Battery. Power to keep up with your day.
Video showing the charging GUI on-screen moving from 50% to 100% of charge.

Ultra Wide Camera lens

Get more in
every scene.2

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Ultra Wide Camera Lens. Get more in every scene.
Photo captured by the Galaxy S10+ Ultra Wide Camera of a man standing in a body of water in front of seaside cliffs.

Wireless PowerShare

Share power
without a charger.3,4

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Wireless PowerShare. Share power without a charger.
The Galaxy S10+ seen from the rear, laying flat at a 45 degree angle. As you scroll, another Galaxy S10+ appears on top of the first Galaxy S10+ and the charging icon appears, demonstrating Wireless PowerShare. As you continue scrolling, a Galaxy Watch Active appears and is charged on the Galaxy S10+ as well.

Water and dust resistant

Stand up to nature.5

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Water and dust resistant. Stand up to nature.
Video of a Galaxy Note9 falling into water and displaying the lock screen.

Dual Aperture

Shoot sharper
night photos.6

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Dual Aperture. Shoot sharper night photos.
Photo captured by a Galaxy S10+ of a skylight but now at night, with the buildings alight against a night sky.

Infinity-O Display


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Infinity-O Display. Virtually bezel-less screen.
Three Galaxy S10 plus phones in landscape mode, laying flat above the one in front of it, seen at a slight angle from the Bixby and volume button side. On the three screens there is an aerial shot of a boat motoring through the water with two water skiers behind it, showing the expansiveness of the Infinity-O Display.

Night Mode

Go easy on
your eyes.8

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Night Mode. Go easy on your eyes.
Video of a Galaxy S10+ display adjusting the lightness according to the external light, moving from day to night.

Live focus

Capture portraits
and movies
like a pro.9

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Live Focus. Snap portraits like a pro.
Video of a Galaxy S10 showing a picture of a girl holding a sunflower in her hand.

One UI: Effortless Interaction

Feel at home with
your phone.10

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One UI: On-screen interactions. Feel at home with your phon.
Video showing different One UI notifications.

Expandable Memory

Add storage, not a
new phone.11

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Expandable Memory. Add storage, not a new phone.
Video of a Galaxy S10+ showing all picture saved on the device, and different screens fading in the background.

Secure Folder

Protect your data
and privacy.12

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Secure Folder. Protect your data and privacy.
Video schowing the icon of the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner.

Galaxy: Seamlessly connected

Elevate how you
work and play.13

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Galaxy: Seamlessly connected. Elevate how you work and play.
Video showing a Galaxy S10+ charging the Galaxy Buds on it.

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