Stylish Fridge Freezers

Stand-out Fridge Freezers that are cool inside and out

Got your heart set on your dream black Fridge Freezer, or a stunning silver fridge? Our choice of colours stand out in any kitchen.

The finishing touches

The little details make all the difference

Your pick of must-have colours, all designed to work around you.
Will you go for a grey American style Fridge Freezer or a black Fridge Freezer?
Decisions, decisions.

Black is back

Black Fridge Freezer

Make a statement. A frost-free Fridge Freezer in deepest black makes a smart centrepiece to your kitchen.

Black Fridge Freezer

A winner every time

Silver Fridge Freezer

Our slick, silver Fridge Freezers tick the boxes for both style and space. Take your pick of stunning shades and premium finishes.

Silver Fridge Freezer

Blend in

White Fridge Freezer

A white American Style Fridge Freezer will slip effortlessly into its surroundings. Integrated models blend beautifully too.

White fridge

Super cool extras

When the nice-to-haves become must-haves

Make your Fridge Freezer your own with a choice of extra features.
The kind of things you may not think of, but will wonder what you did without. Which will you choose?

Even cooler inside

Metal Cooling Interior

With the beautiful, reflective Metal Cooling Interior, the fridge looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

Metal Cooling Interior

Strong and good looking

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is our manufacturing process that not only makes our Fridge Freezers even more durable, but gives them a slick, jealousy-inducing finish, inside and out.

Hot Stamping

Hold the ice

Ice Blue Handle

Our Ice Blue Handle proves that no tech is too cool. It has a stylish blue hue that gives your Fridge Freezer even more style appeal. And it doubles up as a light – perfect for late night fridge raids.

Ice Blue Handle

Discover the range

See all our Fridge Freezers

Discover the range

Not sure where to start?
Find the right Fridge Freezer for you

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All Sizes

Small size - Up to 65cm wide


Up to 65cm wide

Medium size - 70-85cm wide


70-85cm wide

Large size - 90cm wide and above


90cm wide and above

All Types

Smart Fridge Freezers

Smart Fridge Freezers

So much more than keeping food fresh

French Style Fridge Freezers

French Style Fridge Freezers

Find a place for everything

American Style Fridge Freezers

American Style Fridge Freezers

Why choose between style and space?

Classic Fridge Freezers

Classic Fridge

The ultimate combination for storing and cooling

One Door Fridges and Freezers

One Door Fridges and Freezers

Keep it simple and spacious with one door

All Colours

Silver colour


A winner every time

Stay classic with a slick, silver Fridge Freezer.

Black colour


Black is back

Make a statement with a fridge that’s as smart as it is stunning.

White colour


Blend in

Get a Fridge Freezer that slips effortlessly into its surroundings.

Ice and Water Dispensers

Water and ice dispenser icon

Water and ice dispenser

Help yourself to cool water and ice whenever you want.

Water dispenser icon

Water dispenser

Enjoy a refreshing drink at the touch of a button.

No Dispenser icon

No Dispenser

No ice, no water, just a beautifully simple door.