How does the Galaxy Watch Active improve my well-being?

How does the Galaxy Watch Active improve my well-being?

The Galaxy Watch Active has been designed to support and enhance any kind of lifestyle. Whether you enjoy a relaxing walk through the park or a high-performance sport, the Watch Active tracks and monitors your every move to ensure support for a healthy lifestyle.

Samsung Health helps you manage your wellness and fitness. Set fitness goals and regularly record and check your progress. When the Watch is synced with the Samsung Health app, you can save and manage health-related data and receive useful information about your health every day, including measurements on steps, sleep, calories, water intake and more.

Please note: only your most recent activity records are stored on your Watch. You can view previous data on the smartphone where the Samsung Health app is installed

The Watch counts the number of steps you have taken and measures the distance travelled and the number of floors you walk up.

1 Open Samsung Health
Open Samsung Health
2 Swipe to and tap Steps or Floors to view a graph of your steps or floor count records
Tap Steps

Setting daily step and floor targets

1 On the Samsung Health app, swipe to Steps or Floors
2 Tap Settings and then Step target or Floor target
Tap Settings
3 Swipe up or down to set the target
Swipe up or down to set the target
4 Tap DONE

Record your exercise information and calories burned using Samsung Health's exercise feature.

1 On the Samsung Health app, swipe to Exercise
2 Tap Workout and select the type of activity
Select the type of activity
3 Enter the exercise information and tap Start [activity type] to start monitoring your exercise

When you swipe right or left you can view exercise information, such as calories burned and current speed.

4 Tap the back button to pause the workout, back again to resume the workout and select Finish to complete the workout

Please note: measured distance may differ from the actual distance due to uneven strides, walking in one place and pacing around

Automatically track your sleep patterns.

1 Open Samsung Health and swipe to Sleep
2 Swipe up to view your sleeping data

Measure and record your heart rate. Take heart rate measurements when you are seated and relaxed.

1 Open the Samsung Health app and swipe to the heart rate icon
2 Tap Measure to begin measuring your heart rate
3 Once your heart rate has been measure, tap Tag to select your status; General, resting, after exercise, unwell, excited etc...
Tap Tag to select your status

You can also set the watch to measure your heart rate automatically at regular intervals. Once you have selected Heart rate in the Samsung Health app, swipe down and tap Settings. Choose between:

  • Always: the Watch measures your heart rate continuously, regardless of your movement   
  • Frequent: the Watch measure your heart rate regularly when you are relaxed 
  • Never: the Watch does not measure your heart rate automatically

Keep track of your stress. Breathing exercises are also available to help reduce stress.

1 Open the Samsung Health app and swipe to Stress
2 Tap Measure to measure your current stress level
Tap Measure

Once your stress has been measured, a Breathe feature is available. Tap Breathe and Start to begin or customise the following settings first:

  • Target: adjust the target cycles per minute
  • Inhale/Exhale: adjust the time for inhaling and exhaling
  • Haptic: vibrate the Watch between inhale and exhale prompts
  • Sound: enable or disable sound for the breathing exercise 


Activate automatic stress tracking

You may also activate automatic stress tracking that will recommend breathing exercises to reduce the stress whenever high levels of stress are detected. To enable this feature follow the steps below: 

1 Open the Samsung Health app and swipe to Stress
2 Tap Auto stress settings and then activate Always by swiping the switch to the right
Activate Always by swiping switch to the right

Record and track how many glasses of water and cups of caffeine you drink.

1 Open the Samsung Health app and swipe to Water or Caffeine
2 Tap the plus icon when you drink a glass of water or a cup of caffeine, or the minus icon to remove one
Tap the plus or minus icon

Set a daily water or caffeine target

1 On the Samsung Health app, swipe to Water or Caffeine
2 Tap Set target and then Daily Target
3 Swipe up or down to set the target
Swipe up or down to set the target
4 Tap Done
Tap done
5 Swipe the Daily target switch to activate a target
Swipe the Daily target to activate

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