Tilted front of the new Galaxy S 21


8K Video is the highest video resolution available in a Galaxy smartphone - that's four times as many pixels as 4K. Record in 8K 24fps and get crisp footage that looks better than the cinema, then upload and watch right on YouTube. And with 8K Video Snap, you can pull an album of epic high-resolution photos straight from 8K video. So you don't have to choose between shooting video or stills.¹

Image of the technology inside the new Galaxy S 21


HyperFast 5G lets you download a whole season of your favourite show in a flash². Our industry-leading 5G-compatible chipset ensures you're one step ahead with every upload and download and HyperFast Wi-Fi, the world's first Wi-Fi 6E, reaches high speeds so you stay connected quickly and reliably. Galaxy's first 5nm processor packs epic power and speed into a smaller chipset. This outstanding upgrade means faster learning and more intelligence in every aspect of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Rear-side view of Galaxy S 21


The Intelligent Battery learns how you use your phone to save power throughout the day. Together with the new power-efficient display and processor, you can stream, share and create content without the need to constantly reach for the charger³. Plus, the large sensor area, new smart AI technology and the 5nm processor all work together to put our next generation, vault-like security in your hands. From faster fingerprint authentication to airtight privacy controls, there'll be nothing holding you back.