What are the camera features on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge?



12MP rear camera

The pixels have been reduced in the Galaxy S7 devices from the 16MP camera found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 to a new 12MP camera.


This may seem like a step down, but the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have a brighter F1.7 aperture lens. This means that the lens allows more light into the camera, resulting in brighter and better looking pictures, especially in low light.


Dual Pixel

The cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge also use a new feature called Dual Pixel. Each tiny pixel that your camera uses to take a picture now uses two photo diodes (photo diodes are used to absorb light into a the camera) instead of one.


This lets your camera focus quicker than you would with your own eyes. A Dual Pixel sensor means that the autofocus will be so quick that even sudden movements are caught in the act, so struggling to take a picture of your pet in focus will be a thing of the past.




Motion panorama
Motion panorama is a feature that lets you record the movements of the objects in the picture. For example, a panorama shot across a park will also record the movement of the pets in the park. You can then swipe the screen or pan the device sideways to replay what you have just captured.


Motion photo
Motion photo captures three seconds of video before the picture is taken, changing a regular picture into a short video.


Spotlight lets you highlight certain parts of your face and make features stand out by turning on the feature when in Beauty Mode.


Flatter rear camera
The rear camera is now practically flush with the back of the Galaxy, measuring 0.46mm.


Front Screen Flash
You can now brighten selfies by using the Front Screen Flash feature on the Galaxy S7. The screen will light up to help lift the low tones in the frame, resulting in a better looking, more natural picture.


Click here to see a simulator that will take you through the steps to use the different features.


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