What do Samsung TV model numbers actually mean? Why are they so long?

Samsung TV model numbers are made from a string of codes that describe the TVs. These codes provide more information about the series of the TV, the manufacture year, the screen size, and more.

If you're looking for more information around the specifications of your TV or want to download the user manual, please visit our support page and enter the model number of your TV. Find out where to locate the model number of your TV.

Use the tables below to find out what the model number for your TV means. To see an example of how to decode your model number, click here.

Please note: the below codes refer only to models sold in the UK. Please refer to your local Samsung website for more information on models sold outside of the UK

Newer models (2008 and later)


TV Model Numbers


Example: UE55TU8510UXXU





U of UE55TU8510UXXU



P = Plasma





E of UE55TU8510UXXU

N = North America

E = Europe

A = Asia

55 of UE55TU8510UXXU

Size in inches

TU of UE55TU8510UXXU

T (2020) U(UHD)


LS = Lifestyle TV


LST7T = The Terrace 2020

LS05T = The Sero 2020

LS03T = The Frame 2020

LS01T = The Serif 2020

LS01R = Serif TV 2019

LS03R = The frame 2019

LS03N = The Frame 2018

LS003 = The Frame 2017

LS001 = Serif TV 2015





Q***T  = 2020 8K QLED

Q**T = 2020 UHD QLED

Q950R = 2019 8K QLED

Q**R  = 2019 UHD QLED

Q900R = 2018 8K QLED

Q9FN = 2018 Back Lit UHD QLED

Q8DN = 2018 Back Lit Flat UHD QLED

Q*CN = 2018 Edge Lit Curved UHD QLED

Q*FN = 2018 Edge Lit Flat UHD QLED

Q*CAM = 2017 Curved QLED

Q*FAM = 2017 Flat QLED


* Numerical value


Full HD, UHD & S-UHD


TU = 2020 UHD

T = 2020 FHD

RU  = 2019 UHD

R = 2019 FHD

NU  = 2018 UHD

N = 2018 FHD

MU = 2017 UHD

M = 2017 HD

KS = 2016 SUHD

KU = 2016 UHD

= 2016 FHD

JS = 2015 SUHD

JU = 2015 UHD

J = 2015 FHD

H = 2014 FHD

HU  = 2014 UHD

KE = 2013 OLED

F = 2013

= 2012

D = 2011

= 2010

B = 2009

= 2008


85 of UE55TU8510UXXU

This number designates the series (8) & the Sub Series (5). The exact specifications of each series will differ by model but generally the higher the series, the higher the specifications on that model.


10 of UE55TU8510UXXU

Feature or Design, in this case “10” denotes White Bezel. Please visit our support page and enter the model number of your TV for more information around features and design.


U of UE55TU8510UXXU

Tuner Option, in this case U means a Single DVB-T2 & Single DVB-S2 tuner is fitted. Please visit our support page and enter the model number for your TV for more information around specifications.


X of UE55TU8510UXXU

Specific buyer (X = None)


XU of UE55TU8510UXXU

Country destination (XU = UK)

Older models (2007 and earlier)


TV Model Numbers


Example: LN-T4681FX/XA





LN of LN-T4681FX/XA

FP or HP = Plasma





T of LN-T4681FX/XA

Model year


T = 2007

S = 2006

R = 2005

P = 2004

N = 2003

M = 2002

46 of LN-T4681FX/XA

Size in inches


81 of LN-T4681FX/XA



F of LN-T4681FX/XA

Resolution indicator (Full HD)

X of LN-T4681FX/XA

Feature or design indicator

/XA of LN-T4681FX/XA

Manufacturing information

Example: what does UE55F8000STXXU mean?


Using model UE55F8000STXXU as an example we can see that:


= Produced for Europe

55 = Screen size (in inches)

F = Manufactured in 2013

80** = Series. This will differ depending on the features for that individual model. You can find out the specifications for a particular model by entering the model code into the search area on the Samsung website.

**00 = Design option e.g: 10 = White bezel

S – Twin Satellite Tuner fitted

T -  DVB-T/T2 Tuner fitted (UK HD channels compatible)

X = Manufacturing information

XU = Destination Country UK

If you have a UE55F8000STXXC instead of the UE55F8000STXXU used in the example, the difference between the two models would be the first is designed for sale in Spain & may not be completely compatible with UK Broadcasting & Smart Applications.


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