Capture amazing shots with your Galaxy phone's cameras

Note20 taking a picture of a fox

Own a Galaxy phone? Did you know that it comes with a bunch of fantastic camera options? The camera can capture incredible details at night and in the daytime, and can even zoom in from far away. When you’re finished taking photos, you can add a custom filter with My Filters and then show off your shots. If you’re filming, use the Super steady feature to keep everything smooth so your videos come out perfect each time or Zoom-in mic that lets you control the microphone when filming videos. If you're looking for the newest Galaxy phones with incredible cameras check out our website.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Live focus video

The Live focus video options will let you alter the background of your videos with just a tap. You can play around with the different styles to personalize your video, whether you’re using the rear or front cameras.

Open the Camera app, and then tap MORE. Tap LIVE FOCUS VIDEO, and then tap the circle in the bottom right of the view finder. There are four options to choose from, and each can be altered using the slider.

  • Blur: This will blur the background around the subject that you're filming.

  • Big circle: Creates a focused circle around your subject while severely blurring the background.

Live focus video on Galaxy Note20 filming soccer players
  • Color point: Changes the sharpness of the colors directly around your subject, so everything else becomes black and white.

  • Glitch: This will create a colorful static effect in the background.

Super steady

Note: Super steady can only be used with the rear camera.

Don’t have the steadiest hands? No problem, just use the Super steady feature when you’re taking a video.

  1. To use the Super steady feature, open the Camera app and then tap VIDEO. Then, switch to the rear camera.

  2. Tap the Super steady icon at the top. It looks like a hand and will turn yellow when it’s on.

  3. Tap Record to begin filming.

Super Steady camera on Galaxy Note20 filming a person skateboarding

Single Take

Single Take will allow the camera’s AI to take and choose a set of photos for you. It will also generate a 10-second video compilation of your photos. Depending on how long you’re recording, Single Take will capture up to five photos and four videos.

  1. Start by opening the Camera app, and then tapping SINGLE TAKE.

  2. Position your phone and tap Capture to begin taking photos. You can tap Stop to finish taking photos before the time is up.

  3. Tap Gallery to view your photos, which will include Best Shot, Ultra-wide Shots, Live Focus, Filter, and Smart Crop images. The videos will use motion photo, bounce and reverse, and Hyperlapse.

  4. To edit a photo, touch and hold a thumbnail, and then tap Best shot (the crown icon) to save it as your favorite photo. Tap Save to add the thumbnail to your Gallery, or tap Share to send your video or photos to friends or a social media account.

  5. You can also create a movie using your images. Tap Story Video Editor, and then tap Highlight reel. You can also select Self-edited if you want to trim the video yourself. Try adding some text or music as well to further customize your video.

My Filters

The My Filters feature lets you add personalized filters to your photos. You can imitate an existing photo’s style and colors and then save the filter to your phone to use whenever you like.

  1. Open the Camera app and then tap either PHOTO or VIDEO.

  2. Tap the Filters icon at the top (it looks like a wand), and then tap My Filters.

  3. Tap Create filter or Add filter to open your Gallery, and then select a photo to use as your filter.

  4. The photo will appear as a thumbnail in the view finder when you select it. You can then rename the filter and save it.

Using My Filter feature on Samsung Note20 to photograph a ladybug

Night mode

If you need to snap some photos while it’s dark out, you can use Night mode to illuminate your shots. Your friends won’t even notice that your photos were taken in the dark.

  1. Open the Camera app, and then tap MORE.

  2. Tap NIGHT, and then tap Capture.

  3. The camera will combine several images into one complete shot, to give you a bright and clear photo.

Night mode of a girl's picture

Zoom in and out

Even if you’re a few hundred feet away from something, you can still get an amazing shot by zooming in closer to the object. You will be able to capture all the details you want when taking photos and recording videos. If you zoom in too close you can easily zoom out to make the object appear further away.

  1. To use the zoom function, open the Camera app and tap PHOTO.

  2. Select the rear camera, and then pinch the screen with your fingers to zoom in. You can also tap the options at the bottom to zoom in and out.

  3. If you’re zooming in past 10x, a thumbnail of your target will appear in the corner of the screen. Once you start zooming in even more, you can use this thumbnail as a guide to center your shot.

Super Optic Zoom showing cathedral

Zoom-in mic

Not only can you zoom in to capture photos, you can also use your phone's zoom to capture sounds. With the Zoom-in mic feature, every sound is increased as you zoom in while filming. This feature should be on by default but you can check it to make sure.

Open the Camera app, and then tap the Settings icon. Swipe to and tap Advanced recording options, and then tap the switch next to Zoom-in mic.

You can also use a variety of sound options in Pro video mode. These Multi-source microphone settings will make voices and subtle noises easier to hear.

Zoom-in mic turned on with a Galaxy phone

Quick crop

Have you ever taken a picture that looked good in preview, but the actual photo is a little too zoomed out? On your phone, you can use the Quick crop feature to zoom in and crop your photos without losing quality.

Open the Gallery app, and then navigate to your desired photo. Pinch in and zoom in on the photo. When you are satisfied and want to crop the picture, tap the Gallery icon on the left side. Your phone will save a new copy of the cropped photo in high resolution.

Quick Crop on Samsung Galaxy Note20 showing a child

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