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SAMSUNG & 20th CENTURY FOX: How They’re Changing the Home Entertainment Landscape

May 18. 2016

“Our goal is to offer the best consumer experience
while preserving filmmakers’ intent with no distortion, no compromises.”Wonjin Lee, Executive Vice President, Samsung Visual Display

SAMSUNG & 20th CENTURY FOX: Changing the Home Entertainment Landscape I SUHD TV


You usually have two options. One involves getting dressed, standing in line for tickets at the movies, standing in line again for popcorn, and trying to settle down in a seat with little legroom. Another has you seated (with your legs stretched out) in front of your Ultra HD TV, dressed in your comfiest pajamas with any snack of your choice at the ready, while pressing play on your remote control. The case for that home cinema is becoming increasingly persuasive, especially with the launch of the Ultra HD TV and now HDR TV, as in the Samsung SUHD TV which of course supports HDR 1000.

In North America alone, movie ticket sales hit a 20-year low in 2014.1 With the Ultra HD TV and HDR TV steadily becoming household fixtures, and with the influx of a staggering amount of movies and TV shows being delivered to the home cinema via cable or online streaming, it’s not surprising more and more people are choosing to spend time in front of the home cinema they’ve already paid good money for. And it’s not just the movies, people are getting more out of their Ultra HD TVs in a number of ways. From binge-watching entire seasons of TV shows to watching sporting events live in 4K and playing the latest games straight from their HDR TVs, some of the best UHD TVs out there are well on their way to reclaiming their place as the number one entertainment device in the home.2 And it was this dramatic shift in the way people watch TV that led to the development of Samsung’s very own HDR TV, the 4K SUHD TV. With its Quantum dot display technology and HDR technology that delivers a peak brightness of up to 1000 nits, the SUHD TV could just be the best UHD TV yet. Because with the SUHD TV, you really have the ultimate home cinema.

“Samsung’s SUHD TVs bring viewers closer than ever before to a director’s vision, allowing them to experience the film the way in which it was intended.”Danny Kaye, Executive Vice President, Global Research and Technology Strategy,
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


In delivering our best UHD TV to date, we had a partner. A partner who shared our vision for the future in creating the best home cinema experience possible. Twentieth Century Fox is an undisputed leader in its field as it continues to dominate with titles such as The Martian and The Revenant, and possibly this year’s biggest sleeper hit, Deadpool. The studio’s pioneering spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries made the Hollywood studio the perfect content partner as we set about delivering what consumers had been asking for — the ultimate home cinema experience via our HDR TV, the SUHD TV.

“The future of entertainment will be defined by technology and shared innovation between content creators and hardware manufacturers. Our partnership with Samsung allows us to work three to five years out, collaborating to bring the best possible viewing experiences to consumers.” Mike Dunn, President, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


Since the signing of our strategic alliance two years ago, Samsung and Twentieth Century Fox have made a tremendous amount of progress, namely in the form of the 4K SUHD TV with 20th Century Fox films on Ultra HD Blu-ray. But the journey toward the ultimate home cinema experience has only just begun. And with the TV and movie industry witnessing changes not only in terms of content but also the way people watch TV, it’s clear there is only going to be more work for Samsung and Twentieth Century Fox. And it’s definitely a mission the two companies are more than ready to take on as they continue to pave the way toward a better future on the big screen at home.

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