Game Dev London Podcast - Episode Eleven

Game Dev London is a diverse community group with a passion for all things gaming, including everything from design to conception, production, testing and of course playing the games themselves.

In this episode GDL Host, Stuart De Ville talks all things marketing, PR, and self-promotion for indies and solo devs, with PR and Marketing specialist Thomas Reisenegger, the founder of the UK-based indie games promo & publishing services company Future Friends Games.

Before starting Future Friends, Thomas worked on the promotion of dozens of titles from big titles like League of Legends to indie hits like Northgard. Future Friends Games is fully focused on indie titles and Thomas recently helped to promote games like Cloudpunk, What the Golf?, Heaven's Vault, Frog Detective 2, ScourgeBringer, Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, Omno, Nimbatus, Recompile and more.

In light of the recent pandemic, gaming has become more popular than ever before, offering indoors entertainment and a fun way to keep connected with those closest to you. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop here. Lockdown has created a window for communities such as Game Dev London to explore what’s missing from the current gaming offering, current trends and the challenges that come with new industry restrictions. As the home of innovation, SamsungKX is providing an online platform for Game Dev London to uncover this knowledge and inspire gaming enthusiasts via weekly online podcasts. The series aims to help both those who are starting out in the gaming world and those looking to upskill in this area.

Please keep your eyes peeled for their weekly podcasts.

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