The Frame
matches its name

Samsung The Frame TV has a variety of frame design options available, including black, brown, white and beige wood colours.
* Wires not shown.
We designed The Frame to be just that, a frame. It's the gorgeous finishing touch that completes your room in a way that’s simply you and transforms it into a personal gallery.

Designed to look like a picture frame

Frame-look Design

We believe every work of art deserves a frame. The Frame has bezels that are just like you’d find on an art gallery wall. Tasteful, elegant, beautiful.

2020 The Frame TV, with a frame designed to look like a real picture frame that blends in with the living room.
* Wires not shown.

Customise the bezel to match your home

Customisable Bezel

It’s easy to style The Frame to work with your taste, space or simply the artwork on display. There’s a range of interchangeable bezels* to choose from. As they’re magnetic, it’s really easy to swap them whenever you fancy a change.*

* Each sold separately.
The Frame TV's bezel switches colour as the style of the room changes, showing how The Frame TV's customisable bezel matches your interior.
* Customisable bezels sold separately. Wires not shown.

Hangs like a real frame

No Gap Wall-Mount

The Frame sits flush against the wall, just like your framed photos and pictures. So it blends in seamlessly from any angle and helps unify your interior design. Installation is also a breeze for sure.

* Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type.
* A small gap between the wall and TV may occur if wall is not 100% flat or is constructed off-angle to the floor or if installed incorrectly.
* The actual angle when tilting may vary by product size.
The Frame TV is installed with the No-Gap Wall-mount to sit flush with the living room wall like a real picture frame.

Cleans up your space

One Near-Invisible Cable

With One-Near Invisible Cable for all your connections, you won’t have a spaghetti of wires cluttering up your home. So wherever you place your TV, nothing will disturb your view. You can even plug all your multimedia devices into the One Connect Box and keep them hidden away in a cupboard or cabinet.*

*5m One Near-Invisible Cable included with 43"-75". Devices must be connected to One Connect Box.
*2.5m-long/0.5cm-wide Grey Cable and Mini One Connect Box included with 32". Separate tuner cable required.
The Frame TV is seen mounted on a clean wall in Art Mode, with a simple light moving through One Invisible Connection to highlight the neat look.

Make it a stylish design piece

Studio Stand

Think different. Design your home and place The Frame anywhere you like with the Studio Stand. Realise clutter free living with cables concealed within the stand leg.*

*Studio Stand sold separately. Compatible with 43" to 65" only.
*Wires not shown.
The Frame sits on the Samsung Studio Stand, which lets The Frame TV be placed anywhere in your space and makes it look like an art gallery.

What's in the Box*

Even unboxing The Frame is a thrill, full of possibility: it comes with the No-Gap Wall Mount and Standard Stand, so can get your space looking just how you want it right away.

*2.5m-long/0.5cm-wide Grey Cable, Mini One Connect Box and Mini No-Gap Wall Mount included with 32".
The Frame TV and its accessories are arranged on a flat, beige surface, including: monitor, Standard Stand, No Gap Wall-mount, Invisible Connection, power cable, One Connect Box, and One Remote Control.

See the beautiful details from different angles

Art Mode

When the TV is off, turn it into a showcase of stunning art or a gallery of your photographs.

Explore the ways you can fill your space with art.

The Frame TV's Art Mode makes your TV look like art. The TV is displaying Chasse de danss by Edgar Degas.
* Wires not shown.

How to use art to change your space

Two mounted Samsung The Frame TVs blend in with artwork like real picture frames, showing you examples of how to style The Frame TV in your home. One of The Frame TVs is mounted above dressers displaying Butterfly IV (2015) by Heiko Hellwig.
* Wires not shown.

The Serif, unconditionally beautiful

Meet another lifestyle TV, Samsung The Serif, as it sits on a TV Studio Stand with a chair waiting in front.
* Wires not shown.