100GB OneDrive offer redemption FAQs

What will happen to the files that are stored in OneDrive when the additional 100GB expires after 2 years?

After 2 years, you can still access and download all your files in OneDrive. However, you cannot upload new files and must save them elsewhere. You can purchase additional storage if your OneDrive account exceeds the 5GB of storage that all users get for free.

If a user wants to keep the storage space after the 2 year offer period OR to increase the storage space during the period, how much will they need to pay?

There are a number of options for users who wish to purchase more storage. You can find the various plans and prices from the Manage Storage page of your OneDrive account.

How does the 100GB Samsung offer work when a user has another storage offer applied to their OneDrive account?

Each storage offer is separate, and the amount of storage a user receives is additive. If a user already has 115GB of storage space, when they redeem the Samsung offer, they will get an additional 100GB. This would give them a total of 215GB of storage space. However, many offers have different expiration dates, so the amount of total space available to a user may change over the 2 year duration of the Samsung offer.

Do existing users receive the same benefit as new users?

Yes, all existing users get the same 100GB regardless of existing accounts.

How does a user redeem the 100GB offer?

Users simply launch the OneDrive app on their devices. They will see a screen detailing the 100GB offer. Once they sign in to the app, they will see another screen that confirm their desire to redeem the 100GB and back up their photos and videos to OneDrive. When they select OK, they will see a notification confirming the total amount of space they have in their OneDrive account.

Is the user still eligible for the extra storage, if they upgrade to an eligible new Samsung device or purchase more than one eligible device?

The 100GB Samsung offer can only be applied once to a given Microsoft account. So if a user purchases another device, they would not be able to get an additional 100GB.

If a user sells the device, does the Samsung offer continues?

If a user sells the device, the 100GB of storage can still be kept for the remaining 2 year term on the original account.

What happens if a user buys a second hand device?

The OneDrive offer can only be redeemed once per device. Users buying a second hand device are only eligible if OneDrive was preinstalled and the previous owner did not redeem the offer.

If user has 100GB on an older phone and now utilizes a new phone and logs in with the same account, does it mean that the user will be able to use the free 5GB only?

Yes. If two years of 100GB expires, the user can use only free 5GB.

Can a user register for a new account and get the free 100GB, if there is an existing old account being used before?

Yes. If a user creates a new account, he can get the free 100GB for the new account.

If a user decides to use the old account, are there any options to increase the size?

User will need to upgrade his account to paid version.

Is there any notification indicating that 100GB redemption is ready

Yes, the notification will appear once the user accepts the terms of use and redeems the 100GB offer. However the best way to check the offer is to tap settings > tap account > then it will show plans and their maximum storage capacity. This number should be 105GB for free users.