How do I lock my Samsung Galaxy Ace 4?

Screen Locks

Five different types of screen locks are available on the mobile device: the Samsung lock feature Swipe and four security lock features: Pattern, Fingerprints, PIN, and Password. To access the screen lock options for your device, from the Home screen touch Apps Apps Icon > Settings Icon Settings > Lock screen Settings Lock Screen > Screen lock.

Screen Lock Menu


The Swipe lock feature is great for keeping your device from making accidental calls or opening applications while in your pocket, but it provides no additional security. Select Swipe from the Screen lock menu to activate it. When your screen is locked touch the screen and swipe your finger in any direction to unlock your device.


You can increase your mobile device's security by creating a screen unlock pattern (disabled by default). When it is enabled you must draw the correct unlock pattern on the screen to unlock and regain access to your mobile device.

  1. Touch Pattern.
  2. Draw the screen unlock pattern by connecting at least four dots in vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions. Lift your finger from the screen when finished and touch Continue.
    Pattern Lock Draw
  3. When prompted draw the pattern again and touch Confirm.
    Pattern Lock Confirm
  4. Set a backup PIN you can use in case you forget your pattern.


  1. Touch PIN.
  2. Enter a numeric PIN and then touch Continue.
    Pin Lock
    Note: A PIN must be a minimum of four digits but no more than 16 digits.
  3. Enter the same numeric sequence again to confirm it and then touch OK.
    Pin Lock Confirm


  1. Touch Password.
  2. Enter an alphanumeric password and then touch Continue.
    Password Lock
    Note: A password must be a minimum of four characters, including at least one letter, but no more than 16 characters.
  3. Enter the same alphanumeric sequence to confirm it and then touch OK.
    Password Lock Confirm

Changing Your Screen Lock Setting

You can change the screen lock setting you have chosen at any time by returning to the Screen lock menu.

  1. From the Home screen touch Apps Apps Icon > Settings Icon Settings > Lock screen Settings Lock Screen > Screen lock.
  2. Enter the requested security unlock information and touch Continue. For Swipe lock you will not be asked for any information.
  3. Select the security lock feature setting you wish to change and then follow the steps for that feature.

Configuring Additional Screen Lock Settings

Once you enable certain screen lock features additional screen lock settings will become available in the Lock screen menu.

  • Dual clock: Touch Dual clock and then touch the slider Slider Off to turn Dual clock on Slider On . When this feature is turned on your device will display dual clocks (your home city's clock and the local clock), when you travel outside your home city's time zone. Touch Set home city to set your home city time zone.
  • Clock size: Select the size of the clock displayed on the lock screen.
  • Pattern type (Pattern lock only): Choose the design of the dots used for entering your unlock pattern.
  • Show date: Mark the check box to add the date to the clock widget.
  • Camera shortcut: Mark the check box to display a shortcut to the Camera application on the lock screen.
  • Owner information: You can add your contact information to the lock screen, providing a way for someone to contact you if you misplace your device. Touch Owner information to enter your contact details. Make sure you mark the Show owner info on lock screen check box and then touch OK to save the information.
  • Unlock effect (Swipe lock and Pattern lock only): Select the effect used when you swipe the screen. Choose None, Popping colors, Stone skipping, Watercolor or Ripple.
  • Additional information: Touch Additional information, and then touch the slider Slider Off to turn Additional information on Slider On . Place a check mark next to the options you want to display on the lock screen:
    • Weather: Show basic temperature and conditions.
    • Pedometer: Show the number of steps you've taken if you have the pedometer turned on in S Health.
  • Make pattern visible (Pattern lock only): Uncheck this option to prevent your pattern from displaying on the pattern unlock screen. This decreases the chance that someone may see your unlocking pattern.
  • Vibration feedback (Pattern lock only): When the unlock pattern is entered incorrectly the device will vibrate.
  • Lock automatically (Security locks only): Set the device to lock the screen after the specified time of inactivity.
  • Lock instantly with power key (Security locks only): Lock the screen when you press the Power/Lock key.
  • Help text: Display help text on the lock screen.

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