Samsung protects your data & privacy in everyday life

Samsung protects your data & privacy in everyday life

Samsung protects every aspect of your life to guarantee your safety and comfort with our powerful security solutions.

Samsung’s purpose is not just to make better performing products, but to change the everyday lives of users and help them to live a better life thanks to our products, services, and technologies. This is the value that Samsung considers most important, with security solutions that care for users first.

The more involved we become with digital devices, the more personal information is stored in these devices—from phone numbers to personally identifiable information (PII), bank accounts and credit card numbers, and biometric information recorded on a daily basis. In today’s world, all of the information representing your identity as an individual is recorded and stored in digital devices.
Samsung is committed to delivering reliable security solutions in various user environments based on our leading technologies. We think one step ahead of changes, and protect users with our array of safeguards from end to end. Samsung’s security solutions ensure speed and accuracy, and preemptively block all risk factors.

As the digitation of everyday life continues to expand, digital security and privacy confront the growing challenges. Accordingly, we are giving our best efforts to developing technologies to solve today’s security issues, while at the same time preparing for the future. We are making a difference for a better life, not just by researching and developing technologies, but also with consideration for ethics of technology, human rights, and social ideals.

Adaptive security

To ensure that users can enjoy their digital environment with their minds at ease, Samsung builds a security system that considers the entire usage process. We cover all products and systems—from manufacturing to end use—and provide solutions tailored to users. Samsung realizes the values of security based on the following four principles:

  • Prevention &

  • Detection

  • Response

  • Prediction


Prevention & Hardening

We configure our security system under strict standards

With the growing number of online services, the importance of information stored in devices is also rising. As such, methods of stealing data are becoming more sophisticated and diversified. To counteract these advances, Samsung has added hardware chipsets created with our original technology to mobile devices to prepare in case of any physical hacking. We have built our own security system—from manufacturing to end use—providing a security processor dedicated to handling sensitive data.



We do not miss a single moment

Hacking and information leakage take place in a split second. That is why we closely monitor events in digital devices and networks to detect any malicious intrusion and set up an instantaneous defense system. Furthermore, we detect and preemptively block any risks in everyday life such as malware apps or phishing in order to keep user data safe and secure.



We respond quickly and accurately

Samsung strives to respond quickly to any problem and minimize damage from such problems. We collect environments where users have discovered security issues and analyze various hacking attempts using our security control system until solutions are developed. We provide security patches through detection by our in-house security experts and provide our latest security solutions for application by users.



We stay a step ahead in preparing for the future

Because it is necessary to stay prepared in responding to evolving risk factors, we validate our solutions with regular vulnerability assessments. To reinforce and prepare for an expanding scope of security, we combine our globally recognized mobile security expertise with big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced security solutions.


Security development life cycle

  • 01


    Security requirements

    Requirements specification

  • 02


    Threat modeling

    Security design and review

    Set up security controls

  • 03


    Secure coding

    Development security

    Code security diagnosis


  • 04


    Vulnerability diagnosis

    Mock test

  • 05

    Operatin and


    Security Patch

Threat Analytics Platform

Threat analytics platform

  • Forums

  • Samsung Internal

    Devices Bug

  • SNS,

  • Code

  • Threat

  • Restricted


  • ㆍUp-to-date threat situation awareness
  • ㆍOn-going attack awareness
  • ㆍPredicting potential threat

The basic principles of Knox security platforms

  • Hardware

  • Validated

  • Protected

  • Hardware backed

  • Authentication

  • Disable

  • Protected

  • Secure firmware

  • Device integrity
    protection and

Knox certifications

Samsung Knox