Brand Story

Brand Story

We exist to create
human-driven innovations
that defy barriers to
make a better world for all

We exist to create human-driven innovations that defy barriers to make a better world for all

Our story begins in 1969, when Samsung was created for the purpose of helping people achieve the impossible.
After over 50 years, we're still innovating, creating technology that breaks down old and new barriers so people can do what they can't. We continue to be driven by our purpose, which is why we put people — and the things they care about — at the center of everything we create.

We live by the values that drive us

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We follow five key principles that embody our commitment to people, excellence, change, integrity and co-prosperity. Our goal is to continue growing, innovating and challenging the status quo, to turn our values into action every day.

Human experiences

We put people first, at the center of everything we do.

Progressive innovation

We continually find new ways to improve the way people live by creating revolutionary products and services.

Defiant optimism

We challenge ourselves and the status quo to change the world.

Integrity & transparency

We always aim to do the right thing by being open and honest with our customers and ecosystem of partners.

Social betterment

We believe that everyone should benefit from technology. It should be accessible, sustainable and used for good.

We are the relentless pioneer

We pave the way because we see obstacles as opportunities. Because we're not afraid of the unknown. Because we imagine and create technology that blazes a new trail, empowering people to do what they can’t.

We break new ground

We're always moving forward, bringing the world into the future — and raising the standards for better living.

We see endless potential where others don't

We advance not only for ourselves, but also to help all of humanity make real progress.

We impact lives through the everyday

We believe creating a better place for everyone means impacting their daily lives in delightful and uplifting ways.

Everyday Changes. Meaningful Impact.

From recycling and refurbished technology to renewable power and energy efficiency innovation, we work every day to make it easier for you to live more sustainably.

Everyday Changes. Meaningful Impact. Everyday Changes. Meaningful Impact.

The art of expression

The way we express ourselves says a lot about who we are. That's why we use our voice and design to reflect our true selves: bold, genuine, contemporary and playful.


But not arrogant. We don't shy away from sharing new or unconventional ideas to start thoughtful conversations, illuminate unexplored possibilities, and ultimately, inspire people to reach their potentials.


Never too polished or scripted, we embrace the imperfections and beauty of real-life moments that are engaging, relatable and authentic.


We exist in the present while we simultaneously push the world forward. Openness and curiosity drive our deep connection to the evolving cultural landscape, so we can continue to inspire people to try new ways of living.


We bring wit, warmth and humanity through our stories and experiences. We seek to connect with and uplift people in unexpected ways.