Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

A balanced
digital life for

A balanced digital
life for

Get all the help you need from your Galaxy to live a healthier digital life. You can check your app usage patterns through Weekly Report. Also, you can reduce distractions from your phone while on the road on Driving Mode, or block notifications at night for higher quality sleep on Bedtime Mode.

Four Digital Well-being Values

Digital Detox
‘Focus Mode’

Create an environment where a user can focus on the present, stepping away from excessive use of digital devices

ʻFocus Modeʼ allows users to pause or silence notifications from selected applications temporarily when you want to focus on a task at hand.
This feature is especially handy to cut out distractions while reading or studying, or simply when you want to have conversations with friends and family or just want to take a personal break.

ʻApp Timerʼ

Assist in building a balanced lifestyle by forming positive digital usage habits

With the ʻApp Timerʼ, users can limit excessive usage of an application by being notified of actual time spent on an application against the target usage time. If the application usage time is below the time recorded on the previous day, the notification message will appear in the header to encourage the user the reach the target.

ʻWind Downʼ

Minimize health risks that can be caused by excessive use of digital devices and provides health care features

ʻWind Downʼ was developed to reduce eye strain before going to sleep and improve sleep quality. The blue light filter adjusts the light on the screen to avoid straining vision, and the dark mode lets the user to see the screen more comfortably in dark places. Once the user sets the bedtime schedule, the screen will fade to greyscale as the time to sleep approaches to further protect eyes and encourage users to refrain from using their phones before sleep.

ʻFind My Mobile’

Protect personal information through features on digital devices

We help users find their phone in the event it gets lost or misplaced and provide a service to protect the information stored. The ʻFind My Mobile’ service tracks the location of the lost phone, tells the user where it is, locks the device and makes it easier for a user to locate it if it is nearby by providing the ‘ring my device’ feature. Users can delete their data such as messages and photos, or protect their personal information by uploading it to Samsung Cloud. It also allows users to share their location when necessary.