Solve for Tomorrow

Solve for Tomorrow

Young people solving the biggest challenges in our world

Young people solving the biggest challenges in our world

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

Solve for Tomorrow offers a unique learning opportunity and nurtures creative thinking by encouraging youth to solve social issues using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Students participating in the program can envision and realize innovative solutions that can resolve challenges and risks that their communities face. During the schools' journeys, our professional employees offer students a thorough guidance not only on technological skills but also on creative thinking, communicating, and collaborative skills that are required in the future workforce.

Making the world a better place

Solve for Tomorrow involves three levels of problem solving: Reframe, Ideate, and Realize. Throughout the problem-solving process, students define and resolve problems based on an in-depth understanding of the user. Born in the US on 2010, Solve for Tomorrow is now running in 23 countries over the globe.

Three stages of problem solving

  • Reframe


    Defining real problems by asking unbiased questions.

  • Ideate


    Identify the resources you
    need to refine your ideas
    for solving problems.

  • Realize


    The process of improving the maturity of realization through constant trial and refinement.

Corporate Citizenship