Samsung Care+


Q. Are loss and theft covered by my policy?Click to Expand

No. Loss and theft are not covered by Samsung Care+. If you require cover for these options, you will need to take out a separate policy. This is not a cover level we currently offer.

Q. What do you mean by accidental damage?Click to Expand

Accidental damage is considered to be any unforeseen and unintentional physical damage that occurs due to handling errors, liquid or external events at a defined place and time, which stops the product working normally, meaning its usability or safety is affected. If your accidental damage claim is accepted, we will choose to either authorise a repair, arrange a replacement (at our discretion) or pay for the cost of a replacement.

Q. What do you mean by worldwide cover?Click to Expand

Your phone is also covered by Samsung Care+ when you’re outside of the UK. If your phone is accidentally damaged while you’re away, as long as you haven’t been abroad for longer than 60 consecutive days, you’ll be covered. Just give us a call when you’re back in the UK to make a claim.

Q. Is cosmetic damage covered?Click to Expand

Cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents aren’t covered, but cracked screens are.

Q. What is the excess?Click to Expand

The excess on Samsung Care+ is £52 for S and Note Series, £35 for A51, A71, A80 and A90 5G, and £29 for A10, A20e and A40 devices. This excess must be paid before all successful claims can be approved.

Q. What happens if my phone is replaced?Click to Expand

If we decide your phone needs to be replaced, your policy will end immediately and no premium will be refunded. You will have a 12-month guarantee on your new device to protect against breakdowns. We currently do not offer Samsung Care+ on replaced phones.

Q. What if I claim twice?Click to Expand

When you make a second claim, your policy will automatically end and no refund will be due.

Q. Can I get Samsung Care+ for all Samsung phones?Click to Expand

You can only buy Samsung Care+ at the same time you order a new Samsung phone. If you already own a Samsung phone, you cannot add a Samsung Care+ policy after purchase. It must be purchased along with the phone.

Q. Is there a cooling off period?Click to Expand

Yes. See details below:
1.    The 'cooling off period' is the 14-day period from the policy start date.
2.    If you change your mind during the cooling off period, you can cancel your policy and you will receive a full refund, provided no claims have been made (or will be made).
3.    If your policy automatically ends or is cancelled by us, these rights do not apply (see our Terms and Conditions for more details).

Q. How do I cancel my Samsung Care+ policy?Click to Expand

If you want to cancel your policy, you can contact us using the details below:
Call us:
0330 726 7864
Email us:

Write to us:
Samsung Customer Support, Selectapost38, Sheffield. S97 3FJ.

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Q. If my product arrives damaged or I want a refund, what do I do?Click to Expand

Please call us on 0330 726 7864 and our team will investigate.