How to Capture Mesmerising Mirror Photography

Tips on taking creative photos using mirrors as a prop

If you’re running out of ways to be creative with your photography, look no further than your reflection in a mirror. Playing with reflections opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities that will give extra depth and dimension to your photos. Take the mirror off the wall to get your creative juices flowing once again.

Here are some fun tips and tricks to take mesmerising photos with mirrors.

Surreal portraits

Using the simple power of reflection, you can turn a normal portrait into something much more interesting – and surreal. Simply hold a medium-sized mirror below your head and reflect different settings, shapes and colours. For some illusionary fun, match the reflection with your background setting; it will give a dreamlike effect to your portrait and is sure to fascinate your viewers. Get creative with what you let in the mirror and strike a mysterious pose.

The infinity effect

Feel like cloning yourself? The infinity effect might be just what you’re looking for. You’ve probably seen it used in movies when characters explore the mirror maze at a circus or fair. Simply place one mirror behind you and one in front – facing each other – for some mesmerising selfies. If you want a blurry, artsy effect, make sure a light is in frame and use the ‘Bokeh’ camera on the Galaxy A9.

First surface mirrors

Believe it or not, there is more than one type of mirror. First surface mirrors reflect about 94-99% of incoming light, while second surface mirrors (everday mirrors) reflect about 80-85%. Because of this, first surface mirrors provide clearer reflections without the subtle ‘ghosting’ effect that second surface mirrors do. Since they provide almost absolute reflections, first surface mirrors are awesome to play with symmetry. Sit your favourite mug, pen, shoe or personal object on top of a first surface mirror and explore all the reflective possibilitites. Show off your artistic side and personality, and share with your family and friends on Instagram.

Roadtrip mirrors

When you’re travelling with your friends and family, it’s always fun to photograph your adventures. And if you’re on the road, it’s super easy to use the car features for creative shots. Capture the passengers in the back enjoying themselves using the side mirrors. Or, snap the stunning landscapes in the rear-view mirror. And for obvious safety reasons, only take your shots while the car is parked.

Outdoor mirror fun

With mirrors, you have the ability to recreate the natural environment as you please. It’s an awesome way to play with colours or to give your viewers a glimpse of what’s on the other side of the camera. Place your mirror on a patch of grass face up to the sky; the sky’s reflection will fill the mirror and the colours will contrast with the grass. Capture the sky’s deep blue in the afternoon or its deep red at sunset. Try out the mirror in different settings too. Colourful flowerbeds are sure to give a kaleidoscopic frame to the sky’s reflection.

Capture mirror photography with the Galaxy A Series

Take your photography to mesmerising new levels with a mirror and the Galaxy A9.

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