How can I customise the remote control settings on the Note9 S Pen?

In this video we’ll show you how to change the remote control settings of your S Pen.

Discover how you can customise your S Pen.  

note 9 s pen note 9 s pen


To change the remote control settings on the S Pen, launch the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Then tap Advanced features and S Pen.
Here you can manage your S Pen features.

You can also go to the ‘S Pen remote’ menu directly, by holding down the ‘S Pen remote’ icon on the notifications panel

Tap HOLD DOWN PEN BUTTON TO, to choose what happens when you hold down the Pen button.

You can select from a list of S Pen features or select one of the apps and functions from your Galaxy Note9.

Under APP ACTIONS you can choose what happens when you press the S Pen button in various apps.

Tap Single press or Double press on each app to change your desired action.

You can also turn off the S Pen remote setting per app by sliding the switch to OFF. 

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