How do I use the menus on my Samsung Gear 360 camera?

Accessing and selecting menus

1 Press or press and hold, the menu key.
2 Press the menu key repeatedly until the menu you want appears.
3 Press the OK key to select the menu. To undo the selection or return to the previous menu, press the Power key.

Please note: If you need information about the Samsung Gear 360 camera keys, go to What are the buttons of my Samsung Gear 360 for?

Available menus


When pressing the menu key:

Video: Recording mode. Refer to How do I record video with my Gear 360 camera? for more information. 

Photo: Photo shooting mode. Refer to How do I take pictures with my Gear 360 camera? 

Time lapse: Time lapse mode. 

Video looping: 
Video looping mode. 

Landscape HDR:
 Landscape HDR mode. 

Settings: Customise settings.     



When pressing and holding the menu key: 

Connect to Android: Enter pairing mode for an Android mobile device.  

Connect to iOS: Enter pairing mode for an iOS mobile device.  

Connect to remote: Enter remote control mode. A remote control is sold separately. 

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