How to access the BBC iPlayer on a 2014 'H' range series television

If you are using a TV made between 2012-2015, you may have experienced issues using the BBC iPlayer app. A software update was deployed to solve this issue but for H range TVs there are additional steps to restore playback.


If your H range TV is still experiencing issues with the iPlayer app after the software has been updated, follow the below instructions to resolve the issue.

1 Turn off the TV at the mains
2 Wait for around 30 seconds
3 Turn the TV back on again
4 Wait for around 5 minutes. Do not press the Smart Hub button during this time
5 Power the TV off at the mains again
6 Wait for 30 seconds
7 Power the TV back on again
8 BBC iPlayer will now be restored
9 In the unlikely event of this not completely recovering BBC Apps playback then a SmartHub Reset should be actioned followed by a Power Off/On before setting up Smart Hub again. Find out more about how to use and reset Smarthub

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