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How to Become a Digital Nomad
(the Right Way)

The tips you need to trade your office job for a 24/7 workation.


Some of us (maybe all of us?) crave adventure and don’t want to spend life trapped in an office. The digital nomad lifestyle – i.e. traveling and working anywhere you want – could be the perfect alternative. Here are a few tips for how to do it right.

Becoming a digital nomad is like a permanent workation

Play hard and you’ll work harder

Becoming a digital nomad isn’t necessarily about working less. It’s about working smarter and feeling happier. In fact, according to one study, two-thirds of employees believe their work spaces stifle creativity and innovation. Other studies have shown that flexible workers may achieve more, get sick less often, work longer hours, and are generally happier in their work.

Multi Window on the Galaxy Tab S4
Galaxy TabS4
Galaxy Tab S4

The Tab S4’s S Pen translates text and even tells you how to pronounce words.1


Multitask and get more time to explore

You need to make a living, but you want time to wander, too. Look for tools that help you get more done, like the Galaxy Tab S4. You can work in two apps side by side with its multi-window capability. It also doubles as a digital notepad, so you can use the S Pen to quickly jot down notes between tasks, or whenever you get your next big idea.

Galaxy TabS4
Galaxy Tab S4

The Tab S4’s S Pen translates text and even tells you how to pronounce words.1

Digital nomad life involves a lot of virtual collaboration

Stay in touch with your team

Even location-independent jobs require the occasional meeting. Once you break free from the office, it’s still important to stay connected in real life. Keep everyone working toward the same goal by scheduling daily check-ins via Skype or Google Hangouts, and try collaborating in real-time with tools like Realtime Board and Slack.

Not all accommodations have good wi-fi

Always ask about the wi-fi

Your hotel or Airbnb’s internet might not work as promised, leaving you with no way to get stuff done. It sounds super nit-picky, but ask the places you’ll be staying for internet speed test results so you know what to expect. You can also take advantage of more dependable Wi-Fi at co-working spaces or use your phone as a wireless hotspot.

Networking while living the digital nomad life

Make networking part of your adventure

Who knows what connections you’ll make when the world is your office, so be ready with your business cards and elevator pitch. Before you start your travels, go through your contacts and see who might be at your destination, then meet for coffee or a drink. It might open new opportunities and, at the very least, you could get some good restaurant recommendations out of it.

Enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle

Take it all in

People enjoy their work more when they feel control over their professional lives and working environments. That’s the biggest benefit of the digital nomad life. So once you’ve decided to leave the office grind, enjoy it. You chose your own adventure. Now get out there and explore.

Your digital nomad starter kit

Wherever you go, you’ll get more done with the Galaxy Tab S4. Its DeX feature gives you a full desktop experience anywhere. And the Trello app is a simple way for spread-out teams to stay connected and organized.

Galaxy Tab S4
Samsung Dex
Trello App

Galaxy Tab S4




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