TV Is Making History Again

surface of moon with a sun burst behind it, and the number and letter 8K with an image of stars showing inside the letter and number
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For decades, people around the world have gathered around televisions to witness groundbreaking moments. Now 50 years after the moon landing, TV is making history again with the unprecedented resolution of QLED 8K.

First Moon landing in 1969

astronaut standing on the surface of the Moon with footprints showing next to the astronaut


Global sports broadcasted on the first Samsung TVs

Around the time of the moon landing, Samsung entered the market with the production of the company’s first TV sets. As the biggest boxing matches and other sporting events in history were beamed into people’s homes across the globe, viewers had unprecedented access to entertainment from anywhere on Earth.

background image of a boxer with arm and gloved hand raised in victory. Showing on the screen of 1970’s era television is a black and white image of a boxing match.

International concerts experienced on color TVs

Viewers began to experience massive concerts in brilliant hues with the widespread adoption of color televisions, getting closer to their favorite musicians.

background image of a concert audience with their hands raised. On the screen of a 1980’s era television is a guitarist playing on a stage

Space shuttle "Discovery" shown on digital TVs

As the new millennium approached, a space shuttle called Discovery launched a new era of space exploration. Through stunning clarity, the advent of new digital TV technology inspired viewers to imagine greater possibilities for the future.

background image of a space shuttle lifting off. On the screen of a 1990’s era television is an image of the shuttle Discovery with its hatch open.

World sporting events displayed on LCD TVs

The phenomenon of watching global sporting events continued to grow. Audiences were able to follow incredible achievements of their favorite athletes, thanks to the higher definition viewing experience of the LCD TV.

background image of a gymnast performing on a balance beam. On the screen of a 2000’s era television is a shot of a cheering crowd at a sporting event.

Curved displays showcased AI vs human game

Curved displays gave viewers fully immersive, real-time access to the groundbreaking strategy game, Go. As AI competed against humankind in a new way, every moment streamed into homes around the world.

background image of a robot hand playing a game of Go. On the screen of a curved television screen is a go board with a person’s hand poised to make a move.


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2019 QLED 8K

Pushing the boundries of TV again, the world can now come together to watch sports, concerts and more on the latest advancement in entertainment, Samsung QLED 8K.

Closeup shot of an astronaut on the surface of the Moon, with footprints visible in the dirt. The image bleeds outside of a QLED 8K screen demonstrating how realistic the images are on this top of the line screen.
image of a city skyline as shown on a QLED 8K
image of a mountaintop. The image bleeds outside of a QLED 8K screen demonstrating how realistic the images are on this top of the line screen.
image of a Samsung Quantum Processor
image of people with sparklers in their hands on a beach at night.

Real 8K Resolution

Stunning depth of detail immerses you in the picture.

8K AI Upscaling

Automatically remasters content into crisp, clear 8K resolution.

Quantum Processor 8K

The next generation of processor brings you the ultimate audio, visual, and interactive experience.

Quantum HDR 24X

See the world like never before with astounding cinematic clarity.

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See the next groundbreaking moment in style

The QLED 8K TV series brings unparalleled viewing experiences to your home in crisp detail and vivid color. 

image of a QLED 8K with colorful, high resolution image showing on the screen


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