Pale in comparison

See how iPhone 12 Pro Max stacks up against the new Galaxy Z Flip4

Galaxy Z Flip4

  • 6.7"

    Display folds to 3.34"

  • 120HZ

    Refresh rate

  • Custom

    Choose custom color combos

iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • 6.7"


  • 60Hz

    Refresh rate

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Stand up to the standard
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  • "...the Galaxy Z Flip4 is the best in its class."

    Digital Trends Joe Maring

    From Digital Trends. © 2022 Digital Trends Media Group. All rights reserved. Used under license.

    Samsung Galaxy
    Z Fold4 and Z Flip4

    "Foldable devices are about to be not just a thing, but THE thing"

    TechRadar 08/2022
    • Unfold your world with:
    • Unique angles with FlexCam
    • Perfect pocketability
    • Durability, inside and out
    • A customizable fashion statement
    Four Galaxy Z Flip4 phones, all folded and seen from an angle that shows the side and Front Cover. Blue, Graphite, Pink Gold, and Bora Purple colors are each represented. Each Cover Screen shows a different way to customize the clock face.

    The phone that claps back


    Goes with everything. Looks like nothing else.

    A hazy finish on the glass creates a soft contrast to the high-shine, glossy metal frame.1

    Galaxy Z Flip4 in Bora Purple folded and seen from two angles to show the Front Cover and hinge.
    Galaxy Z Flip4 in Graphite folded and seen from two angles to show the Front Cover and hinge.
    Galaxy Z Flip4 in Pink Gold folded and seen from two angles to show the Front Cover and hinge.
    Galaxy Z Flip4 in Blue folded and seen from two angles to show the Front Cover and hinge.

    Withstands drips and drops6
    Multiple instances of the same closed Galaxy Z Flip4 are seen from multiple angles. They are surrounded by a splash of water.


    Impossibly thin, impressively strong

    The 6.7-inch display unfolds a beautiful view thanks to Ultra Thin Glass.3 Serious durability lets you flex and flip to your heart's content.4, 5

    An unfolded Blue Galaxy Z Flip4 seen at an angle that shows its top side and Main Screen. Its Main Screen features a colorful ribbon-like wallpaper.


    Flippin' strong

    Durable, inside and out, this is our toughest Galaxy Z Flip ever with exclusive Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+ helping to protect your Cover Screen, and our formidable Armor Aluminum guarding the frame.

    A folded Galaxy Z Flip4 folded seen from the Front Cover with transparent layers blending in from above to represent added durability.


    Still unafraid of water

    Leave your water worries behind with an IPX8 water-resistant smartphone.6 It can hang out in 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without breaking a sweat.

    Three closed Blue Galaxy Z Flip4 phones are seen from the hinge and Front Cover and surrounded by a splash of water.


    Accidents should be forgiven

    Enroll in a worry-free Samsung Care+ to stay protected from accidental damage.7


    Flex your photo skills
    Individuals sit in different poses at different angles to take a selfie. With FlexCam, they can pose from a distance without holding the phone.
    Show off your dark side
    A woman takes a selfie in a dark setting. The colors are bright and her features are clear thanks to Nightography.


    Take back the night

    The night just got brighter with Nightography on the Rear Camera. Details are brought to light even in the dark with bigger pixels on the Wide Camera. Say cheese!

    When the action gets going, Nightography has the video skills to stay smooth, not shaky. Powerful processing allows Super Night Solution to minimize noise so clips of the crew stay clear well into the night.

    Galaxy Z Flip4 in Flex Mode. The camera is seen on the Main Screen in Night Mode. It is showing a preview of a city skyline at night. Night Mode makes the color and details of the city lights vivid and clear.
    The Rear Camera on Galaxy Z Flip4.
    12MP Ultra Wide Camera 12MP Wide Camera
    The Front Camera on Galaxy Z Flip4.
    10MP Selfie Camera


    Go ahead, flex on them

    Introducing FlexCam, a versatile, hands-free camera experience. Take advantage of your phone’s agile angles to capture group shots, selfies and videos from mind-blowing perspectives and impressive true-to-life detail—even in your go-to social apps.8

    • *Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

    Galaxy Z Flip4 in FlexCam Mode. The camera app is seen on the Main Screen and shows a group photo taken at a low angle. Next, a group of friends poses for a photo. In front of them, a Galaxy Z Flip4 in FlexCam Mode is on the ground taking their picture. The friends can see the photo preview on the Main Screen in Flex Mode.


    So many ways to selfie

    Take selfies with the Rear Camera while checking out a real-time preview on the Cover Screen. See yourself from head to toe with a full-screen view finder. And confidently capture the moment, whether your phone's flexed or folded, with an upgraded Quick Shot.8

    • *Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

    The Front Cover of a Galaxy Z Flip4 on its side with a person taking a selfie shown in the vertical Cover Screen. The phone is rotated and the photo rotates accordingly and shows its original aspect ratio on the now horizontal Cover Screen.


    Give your feed a

    Content creation just got easier. FlexCam holds its own to broaden your directorial POV, letting you film yourself, your friends or your actors from fresh new angles.8 And once your movie is premiere-ready, it's simple to upload right to your social media for well-deserved accolades.

    • *Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.

    Let every call go into overtime

    A powerful 4nm processor works with a long-lasting 3700mAh (typical) battery to give you plenty of power for group video chatting, flexing your photo skills and sharing to social.11, 12

    When it's low, plug in for Super Fast Charging or bypass the cord with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.13,15 With all that power, you can even share a charge with your friend or your earbuds with Wireless PowerShare.14

    • *Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.
    Better together
    25W Power Adapter24
    for Super Fast Charging
    Go to Chargers
    An unfolded Galaxy Z Flip4 is open to the Main Screen with a video call in progress.


    The window to your world
    Various watch faces converge in a tile pattern. Each watch face features a different graphic and displays the time, date and battery status. In the central watch face, four AR emoji-style animated characters pose close together as if taking a group photo.


    Cover Screen has you covered

    Unique meets useful. A customizable 1.9-inch Cover Screen lets you change up the clock face using your videos, pics and even your own custom AR emoji. Plus, you can control your phone with taps and swipes, access Quick Settings, reply to texts and add widgets to keep apps handy.16

    • *Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.
    A folded Pink Gold Galaxy Z Flip4 with a text message notification on the Cover Screen. It shows a series of emoji symbols: eyes, race car and wind.

    The connected power of Samsung Galaxy
    Galaxy Z Flip4 BUY NOW
    Galaxy Buds2 Pro LEARN MORE BUY NOW

    *Products sold separately.


    Old phone, meet new phone

    Smart Switch makes the transition between your current phone and Galaxy Z Flip4 simple—even if you don't already have a Samsung Galaxy. In just a few steps it brings over your photos, texts, data and more.20

    • *Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.
    Go to Smart Switch
    An older foldable device seen from the rear and Galaxy Z Flip4 open to the Main Screen. The phones are placed back to back and the Smart Switch icon is in the center. On the Galaxy Z Flip4 display is the Smart Switch app showing that transferring of data from the old device is in progress.
    GALAXY EXCELLENCE Expect nothing less

      Fast as it is flexible

      Galaxy Z Flip4 has the most powerful chip on a Galaxy Z device. So whether you're gaming, multitasking—or multitasking while gaming—it's smooth and seamless.

    • 5G

      Speed for the impatient

      Wherever you want to share the moment, get it there fast! 5G connectivity lets you stream, download and post content with HyperFast speeds.21


      Save every stunner

      Now that you can shoot day or night, you need the space to keep your art on hand. Fill up your Gallery with up to 512GB of storage built right in.22

      Secured space for your digital life. Sync your Gallery with OneDrive, and enjoy 6 months of 100 GB OneDrive cloud storage with Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4.23, 25*Terms and conditions apply.


      Multi-layered security

      Samsung Knox is built into the hardware and software of your phone, protecting with layer upon layer of security to help keep your private data private.


      Unlock with a touch

      A simple tap of the Fingerprint Scanner unlocks the Main Screen quickly and accurately—keeping your phone under lock and fingerprint.

    • ONE UI

      The phone you make your own

      One UI helps you make your Android phone one-of-a-kind. Customize the Cover Screen and Main Screen to suit your tastes and the way you use your phone.

      Go to One UI

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Galaxy Z Flip4 comes in Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue. You can customize your phone with Bespoke Edition front and back panels and frames. Bespoke Edition colors are Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki and Red. Frames come in Black, Silver and Gold. Choose your own color combination when you order from

    • The more compact Galaxy Z Flip4 has a bigger battery, a faster processor, and a tougher design than its predecessor. The Cover Screen is more customizable than ever. Galaxy Z Flip4 takes even better quality photos in low light thanks to an improved Wide Camera. And there are now more third-party apps optimized for Flex Mode, and more ways to use multiple windows on one screen.

    • Galaxy Z Flip4 is great for selfies and video calls because of its foldable design. It folds to become its own tripod so you can make hands-free video calls, or you can set it down and snap from afar, so no one misses out on being in the group photo. You can even preview your selfies on the Cover Screen without opening the phone.

    • Galaxy Z Flip4 is powered by an intelligent 3,700mAh (typical) dual battery.11,12 It charges faster than its predecessor when plugged in, and now supports 25W Super Fast Charging and 15W Fast Wireless Charging.13,14,15

    • Design a clock face that shows off your style or use a video as your Cover Screen wallpaper. And it's not just about looks. You can add widgets and even respond to notifications without opening your phone.

    • Galaxy Z Flip4 is made with strong materials like Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+, Armor Aluminum and Ultra Thin Glass that make it one tough foldable.6



    Your Galaxy. Your way.

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