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Buying a New Home Appliance?

Here's How to Make the Best Choice

Shopping for home appliances is exciting—and at times, challenging. That's why we created this quick, easy shopping guide. Click a home appliance category to see what you need to know ahead of time, and what to consider while you're shopping.

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Start by Measuring Your Space

Knowing the dimensions of the space will help narrow down your choices. Be sure to measure the width, height and depth of your space for a proper fit.

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French Door

Modern design with innovation features in 3-Door or 4-Door models.


Freezer on left and refrigerator on right, with innovation and style.

Bottom Freezer

Style and convenience, in a design to fit any kitchen decor.

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Built-in Apps

Organize your family and your food.

Keep Food Fresher, Longer

Twin Cooling® and Twin Cooling Plus® separate airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer to improve freshness.

Larger Capacity

Enhanced storage adds more space inside without taking up more space outside.

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Estimate How Much Laundry You Do

Knowing how much laundry you do helps determine the washer capacity you need.

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Front Load

Large capacity, modern design and innovative features.

Top Load

High Efficiency washers with large capacity.

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Helps you save up to 90 minutes on your average week-load of laundry.*

Smart Control

Remotely start and monitor your washer from your smartphone.

Large Capacity

Wash up to 32 bath towels in a single load.

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First Decide between Gas or Electric

First check to see if you have a gas or an electric hook-up in your kitchen. If you have both, it's easy to pick either a gas or an electric range.

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Gas Range

Ultimate cooking control and even cooking for the serious chef in you.

Electric Range

Easy-to-clean and easy-to-use with features like five different burners.

Induction Range

Heat food faster, and enjoy temperature control similar to a gas range.

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Flexible Dual Oven

Cook two dishes at separate temperatures—at the same time.

Precise Temperature

Getting the exact temperature is easy with SelectTouch™.

Warming Drawer

Keep dishes warm while you wait for your guests to arrive.

Shop Dishwashers

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Start by Measuring the Space You Have

All of our dishwashers measure 24" wide, but their depth and height vary. Be sure to measure your space to narrow down your search.

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All of our dishwashers are one of the quietest in their class.

No Pre-rinse

With Stormwash™, you won't need to scrub hard-to-clean dishes.

Faster Drying

Steel tubs resist staining and speed up drying by holding in heat.

Check the Ratings

5 out of 5
“This appliance is just amazing.
It is quiet beyond belief.”
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24" Dishwasher


How to Shop for Microwaves

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Start by Measuring the Space You Have

Our microwaves are over-the-range (OTR), so be sure to measure the width, height and depth of the space above your oven.

Look for Features that Make Life Simple

Large Capacity

Heating or defrosting larger meals is easy with a large oven cavity.

Self-adjusting Timer

Sensor Cooking adjusts cooking time so food is never over or undercooked.

Less Odors

A powerful ventilation system removes food odors quickly and quietly.

Look for Good Ratings

5 out of 5
“It has lived up
to its expectations in
beauty and function.”
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1100W 2.0 cu. ft. OTR Microwave


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