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Real life hacks that can enhance the everyday.

There are so many ways technology can double as your own personal life hack assistant, giving you more efficient ways of doing even the simplest tasks. Here are some of our favorite time-saving tricks that can be pulled off with the devices and tech you already have at home.

Take a selfie without using your arms

Avoid the awkward arm-stretching of traditional selfies by controlling your Galaxy Note10's shutter with the S Pen. Because it's connected to your device via Bluetooth, the S Pen can work as a remote control camera trigger from up to 328 feet away.

Here’s how:
1. Set the phone at a distance.
2. Place yourself in the frame.
3. Press the S Pen button once to snap a picture.
4. Press the S Pen button twice to switch between front and rear camera.

Take the stress out of meal planning

"What's for dinner" is always a pressing question. Instead of searching for ideas or going grocery shopping, you can use the handy meal-planning features on Family Hub™. Using AI recognition technology and inside cameras, it can assess what's in your fridge and make recipe suggestions based on what you already have. It also has up to six Dash buttons so you can quickly order your go-to items with a tap and avoid a trip to the store.

Surround yourself with your favorite art

Need a change of scenery? With the Frame TV and the Art Store app, your TV screen can be turned into a full-on art exhibit that showcases the world's best artwork and photography, hand-picked by professionals. With access to over 1,200 pieces from world-famous institutions, you can update the artwork whenever you want to switch things up.

Use your phone as a backup computer

When your work laptop fails halfway through a meeting, or when you want to project your phone onto a TV or monitor, simply connect your Galaxy Note10 using a USB cable to launch the DeX app. It magically creates a PC desktop so you can multitask like a boss.

Start hacking life with these time-saving tools

Meet the technology that can make every day at home a little easier.

Galaxy Note10 smartphone and S Pen Galaxy Note10 smartphone and S Pen

Galaxy Note10

The Frame TV with a picture on screen The Frame TV with a picture on screen

The Frame TV with a picture on screen

Picture of the Family Hub in stainless steel Picture of the Family Hub in stainless steel

Family Hub™

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