Spend time watching, not searching

Multiple channels are shown on Samsung’s new QLED TV on the wall, along with a person controlling a remote on the right.

Seamless and effortless. A revolutionary way to help find streaming and live TV shows with a Universal Guide, OneRemote and voice assistance Powered by Bixby


A more

way to
enjoy TV.

Bixby on TV

Meet Bixby, your intelligent voice
assistant in your new 2018 QLED TV.

Bixby makes it easy to search for
content, flip channels, or even ask questions
such as the current weather using only your voice.

Just click voice recognition on
your remote or smartphone, and Bixby
is at your command.¹

A Video shows the four sample scenarios for voice command. Simply ask to Samsung QLED TV to answer today’s weather, and show some popular TVs. You can also check up on your baby room while watching TV, and show your photo album on TV as well.
“How is the weather today”
TV screen is put on the wall, and the video started to play in the TV screen. A Video shows the four sample scenarios for voice command. Simply ask today’s weather to Samsung QLED TV Samsung QLED TV will answer to you.
“What are some popular TV shows”
Don’t know what to watch? Ask Samsung QLED TV to search some popular TVs.
“Show me my baby room”
You can also check up on your baby room while watching TV.
“Show my 2017 photo”
Show your photo album on TV, click the photo thumbnail to see the full size image. Share your best moment with all.
A Thumbnail image with woman commanding to one remote control. A Thumbnail image with woman commanding to mobile via Bixby.

All you need is one

The Samsung OneRemote.

No more juggling remotes to find what you're looking for or to control your components.
OneRemote automatically detects, identifies and controls your connected devices and content.²

In front of the TV is a woman sitting on the desk with a remote. Next to her is an image of an enlarged remote with 6 icons. The icons represent that remote controls for several devices such as game and DVD players are integrated into one remote control.

Search less. Watch more.

Universal Guide

Our Universal Guide brings your favorite content from multiple devices and apps together in one easy-to-browse menu. It recommends popular shows and can even make custom recommendations tailored just for you.³

With content previews in the background, the QLED TV at the middle plays a video explaining the Universal Guide.   Click to play the video
Video starts with showing where and how to approach the “Universal Guide” menu. When entered in Universal Guide menu, the sub-menu tabs shows in the top of the screen and the first menu is “For You”, recommending various contents, and image keep changing to go over all the sub menus : “TV shows”, “Movies”, “Sports” and “Music” at the last.

The screen go back to “For You” menu, and play the one of
TV content in the recommended content list.

QLED. Now with SmartThings


Experience the truly connected life. The SmartThings app connects your TV to a broad range of smart devices and appliances, from your fridge to your smartphone. Change room temperatures, see what's in the fridge or who's at your door -- all from the comfort of your couch.⁴

The Samsung QLED TV in the living room, mobile phone, and the refrigerator standing next to the kitchen table are connected with wi-fi to function together harmoniously. 6 icons are overlaid on image, representing possible connecting devices such as TV, door lock, refrigerator, washing machine, lightings and mobile phone.

Smart TVs just got smarter

SmartThings manifesto  Video: Do What You Can’t.   We made it simple to share the moment.  Because you want your things to work together.  We’re making it seamless to connect them all.  We make what can’t be made. So you can do what can’t be done. Do What You Can’t.   For example, mobile will be on your command to turn on your light and start washing machine.

One app. All set to go.

SmartThings app

Have several smart devices to manage? No problem. Simply download SmartThings App on your smartphone to control and monitor your new QLED TV and connected devices all in one screen!⁵

Image of various mobile screens showing what is available on the SmartThings App.

Never miss a moment

Sync & Share

Sync your TV to your compatible smartphone to access and control your content on the big screen.
Plus, continue your entertainment non-stop as you move around the house. Use Sync and Share to connect your smartphone and TV. That means you can still grab your popcorn from the kitchen without pausing or missing a scene.⁶

There is Samsung QLED TV mounted on the wall behind a child sitting at the kitchen table. The TV is connected to the mobile phone, showing the same content on the phone on the TV.

Easy reminders


Got laundry on the go? Don’t bother getting up to go check the status. You’ll get a pop up message on the corner of your TV screen when it’s done. Know what’s ready when it’s ready so you can relax and enjoy your shows without thinking about it.⁷

An animated image shows a close-up of the top right corner of Samsung QLED TV shows a notification that the laundry has been completed, calendar schedule alarm and door bell alarm.

Home control center

IoT Dashboard

Directly control your home IoT devices seamlessly from your new QLED TV. From the Dashboard, you can also control all your connected devices. Now do everything in one place without leaving your TV.

Samsung QLED TV is shown alongside a mobile phone. TV screen displays IoT Dashboard that enable you to control connected device in smarter way, showing the status of your devices such as washer, garage door, air conditioner. And mobile phone is showing a notification that saying your washer cycle is completed.

SmartThings app download may be required (Android, iOS). Internet connection required.
Move above Get More from your TV

Get more from your TV

Images of various TV content thumbnails are shown in the background.

Gaming outside the box

Steam Link

Enjoy dynamic streaming games on the big screen without a separate set top box. The Steam Link app lets you stream all your favorite games seamlessly with amazing graphics and speed.⁸

An animated image showing a pair of hands using a console to play games and a dynamic game scene on Samsung QLED TV.

A world of 4K content awaits

When it comes to movies, spectacular resolution is always a plus. With TV Plus, you’re just a few clicks away from a vast library of high-quality 4K UHD and HDR content. Bring the theater home and don’t forget your popcorn.⁹

An animated image shows various TV Plus content listed on Samsung QLED TV.
A world of 4K content awaits

*Comparisons are dramatizations to showcase features. Screen images simulated. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
*Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. Appearance and design that do not impact product performance are subject to change without notice
*Please refer to the product detail page for each model.
*For the Smart functions, compatible devices or phones required.
¹ Bixby voice command recognizes English (U.S.), Mandarin Chinese and Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions are recognized. The list of features that can be controlled by voice commands via Bixby will continue to expand. Mobile functionality compatible with Samsung Galaxy 8 series or higher with Bixby function. Samsung Account log-in and data network (wifi or internet connection) required to fully operate Bixby features.
² Compatible devices only. Appearance may vary by model.
³ Internet connection required.
⁴ SmartThings compatible devices only. SmartThings app download may be required (Android, iOS).
⁵ Compatible devices only.
⁶ Compatible devices only. All devices must be on the same network and internet connection is required.
⁷ Compatible devices only. SmartThings app download (Android, iOS) may be required.
⁸ Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. Steamlink membership and game purchase may be necessary.
⁹ Streaming content may require rental or purchase of titles.