Clever-Humoured Kids’ Films
that Adults Love Too

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There’s something amusing about secretly comedic children’s movies. If you have kids to entertain, nothing beats discovering a family-friendly film packed with daring double entendres. A dose of wily wit that goes over children’s heads can squeeze a giggle out of even the most grown-up of adults.

From old-school classics to new cartoons with vibrant CGI or hand-drawn art, there are loads of great kids’ movies that let adults join in with the fun too. If you are looking for some light entertainment, our roundup of multifaceted family films have plenty of clever, cynical and crass jokes for your viewing pleasure.

All are available to stream, so you just need to add popcorn for a cosy night in front of the QLED.

The Willoughbys (2020), Netflix

For a film that’s frenetically funny and heartwarming all at once, gather round the TV for a viewing of Netflix original The Willoughbys. Based on the book by Lois Lowry, this kids’ movie stars the comedy hero Ricky Gervais as the chatty tabby cat narrator, whose quirky quips make it an instant hit with adults. Kind of like A Series of Unfortunate Events for the streaming generation, this film is about a family of miserable children who hatch a plan to get rid of their awful parents. As they embark on an adventure to orphan themselves, the Willoughby children discover the true meaning of love. With zany animation and a subtle injection of dark humour, The Willoughbys is perfect viewing for families that like their films a little twisted.

All Hail King Julien, Netflix

If you live in a big household, gathering everyone together for family movie night can feel a little bit like herding cats. So why not try a slick animated series instead? Netflix Original All Hail King Julienis the result of a collaboration between Netflix and the film production company Dreamworks, giving the show a cinematic look and feel. Created as a prequel to the smash hit kids’ film Madagascar (2005), it follows smart-talking, dance-crazed lemur Julien and his escapades in the jungle. The infectiously upbeat score and witty one-liners make this instant feel good viewing for the whole family.

Next Gen (2018), Netflix

With stunningly detailed visuals and fascinating storytelling, futuristic Next Gen proves that Netflix is at the top of its game when it comes to producing incredible animated movies. It takes all the tropes of classic sci-fi flicks and flips them, as a rebellious kid with abandonment issues leans on an AI bot as her support system. While the sweet, slow-burning friendship between the girl and her robot friend will tug on your heartstrings, the kaleidoscope of colourful scenery, dark humour and a rebellious soundtrack ensure that this film is anything but cutesy. That’s why grown-ups are sure to love this funny family movie just as much as children.

The Incredibles (2004), Disney+

Forget all you know about conventional family films, or superhero movies for that matter. The Incredibles gels the two genres in an exceptional way. The Parr family seem normal but have secret superpowers that they must suppress. Laden with award nominations upon release back 2004, this classic has some surprisingly deep moments and adult-oriented jokes that characterise Pixar’s superior back catalogue. Best of all, it shows children and adults that not all heroes wear capes.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012), Disney+

As well as being a favourite with kids, Wreck-It Ralph is sure to evoke a few giggles from adults that grew up in the 1980s or 1990s playing video games at arcades. With a cool retro vibe, this film is an extravaganza for nerds young and old. Subtle moments of adult humour and references to throwback games like Halo and Call of Duty make this Disney film starring John C. Reilly a certified smile raiser.

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