Our Approach to Sustainability

As a global corporate citizen, we fulfill our social responsibility, deliver innovative products and services, and create economic, social, and environmental values.


At Samsung, our sustainability management aims to create integrated values. Not only do we create economic values by maximizing profits and shareholder values, but also we take on a stronger responsibility as a global citizen to create social values. As we deliver innovative products and services along the value chain which is based on the core values we pursue at Samsung, we generate values in the fields of economy, society, and environment. We monitor the financial and non-financial impacts that we exert on society throughout such process so that we maximize our positive impacts while minimizing any negative ones.

Samsung Sustainability Management System

  • social impact : manage the impact on stakeholders (customers, shareholders and investors, employees, suppliers, local communities, NGOs, governments, media, professional organizations, etc.) . value chain : supply, manufacturing, products, customers, innovation . core values : people, excellence, change, integrity, co-properity
  • value chain : supply chain, manufacturing, products, customers, innovation
  • Economic value : maximize profits and shareholder values (product and services innovation). social value : contribute to a sustainable society (attainment of the UN SDGs).
Value of samsung sustainability Economic value : maximize profits and shareholder values (product and services innovation). social value : contribute to a sustainable society (attainment of the UN SDGs).

Economic Value Creation

Our endeavors to bring innovative technology and products pave the way to generate profits and secure new growth drivers. We strive to embed innovation into the fabric of our corporate culture while creating synergies through the use of external resources to pursue open innovation. In so doing, we take a step closer to building an ecosystem to develop innovative products that cater to the needs of today’s rapidly-shifting market.


Social Value Creation

As a global corporate citizen, we at Samsung create social values in a way that is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Especially, we pinpointed goals that are highly relevant to our business conduct and are analyzing our negative/positive impact in attaining these goals. Furthermore, we will discover and fully explore business opportunities that contribute to reaching the UN SDGs.

  • Representative image of SDG no poverty End poverty in all its forms everywhere
  • Representative image of SDG no hunger End hunger, Improve food security, and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Representative image of SDG good health Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Representative image of SDG quality education Ensure quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all
  • Representative image of SDG gender equality Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Representative image of SDG clean water and sanitation Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
  • Representative image of SDG renewable energy Ensure access to sustainable energy for all
  • Representative image of SDG good jobs and economic Promote sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all
  • Representative image of SDG innovation and infrastructure Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization
  • Representative image of SDG reduced inequalities Reduce inequality within and among locations
  • Representative image of SDG sustainable cities and communities Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, reilient, and sustainable
  • Representative image of SDG responsible consumption Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Representative image of SDG climate action Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
  • Representative image of SDG life below water Protect and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources
  • Representative image of SDG life on land Protect the ecosystem and preserve blodiversity (forests, deserts, land, etc.)
  • Representative image of SDG peace and justice Establish and fair justice system for all
  • Representative image of SDG partnerships for the goals Strengthen the means of implementation and revitailze the global partnership for sustainable development
  • Representative image of sustainable development goals
* UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) : In September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted sustainable development goals in order to achieve social sustainability across the globe. Building on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that were focused on less-development locations, the UN SDGs set universal goals that should be met by all locations including advanced ones, and thus demand full engagement of civil society and businesses in the private sector as well as governments and experts in attaining these goals.

Creating Value through Sustainable Management

At Samsung, we strive to create social and environmental values as well as economic values through our sustainability management so as to contribute to the betterment of the global society. Since such social and environmental values are difficult to quantify, we took a ‘quality over quantity’ approach in setting and managing our sustainability management goals. Since 2016, however, we have adopted the ‘True Value’ method of KPMG that quantifies social and environmental indicators so that we can visualize the values that we create.
The positive (+) and negative (-) numbers of respective indicators represent the total social values that we either created or reduced over the past year by December 31st of 2019. This approach enables us to go beyond mere financial values generated through business conduct and include socio-economic and social values to ultimately paint the whole picture of the True Value that we create at Samsung.


Unit (KRW trillion)

Earnings : 44,344,857 (financial value). Socio-economic : 10,741,967 (investor value), 833,900 (supplier support), 46,451 (local community Development). Environment : -7150,558 (GHG emissions), -4,118 (atmospheric Environment Impact), -745,482 (aquatic environmental impact), -3,632 (environmental impact of waste)