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Sky photography of a ferris wheel, a view from below of skylight, and a girl meditating outside of a temple in Indonesia at sunset

London's and New Jersey's wild side shot on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

We all live under the same sky, but you wouldn’t know it by
looking at all the different ways you can photograph it. For our
City Skies #withGalaxy challenge, we want to see your city sky,
your way. Here’s some inspiration and tips for how to take
pictures of the sky, from how to photograph sunsets to using
architecture to your advantage.

New York City skyline is superb for sunset pictures
Go Wide
To capture more sky in your sunset, use the Ultra Wide Camera on the Galaxy S10+—just one of its five lenses.

Sunset pictures that stand out

The sun might get all the glory, but clouds are the real stars in an epic sunset shot. You can predict a good sunset by paying attention to cloud conditions during the day. If the clouds look promising and wind is light, chances are those same cloud patterns will stick around to make way for Instagram-worthy pink and red hues. Come sundown, find a high vantage point and take your best shot, then play with white balance in Pro Mode to get the exact colors you want.

Sharp lines help accent sky photography in London & New York City
Go low (lay down if you have to) to turn the world upside down and get a sky shot that stands out.

The advantage of architecture

Buildings can become playful design elements in sky photography. They not only provide a subject for you to focus on, but they also add interesting shapes and textures, especially against boring (but beautiful!) clear blue skies. Courtyards can frame the sky in an unusual way, and the edge of a skyscraper against the sky can create a graphic pattern that jumps off the screen.
While exploring the city, put your phone down and keep your eyes open for subjects that you find interesting—you never know where your next bit of inspiration might come from. Once you find something that catches your eye, play with as many angles, positions and compositions you can think of. You’ll be glad you did later, when it's time to pick your favorite.

Creating dimension with reflections in unique surfaces in Orlando, Florida and Seoul, Korea
Go Wide
To capture more sky in your sunset, use the Ultra Wide Camera on the Galaxy S10+—just one of its five lenses.

Reflections and dimensions

Sometimes the sky isn’t just above us — it’s all around us. Reflective surfaces add more dimension to otherwise straightforward sky pics, so keep your eyes open while scouting your city. The surface could be water, windows, a sculpture, the side mirror on a car, or even a puddle.



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