The purest picture in real life conditions

A Key Visual for Q Picture page. An Image shows flowers of various colors such as red and green in Samsung’s New QLED TV look vivid and alive.

Brilliant color in any light

Enjoy the QLED viewing experience with 100% Color Volume² and anti-glare technology that minimize reflections.


A TV for real world conditions with an anti-glare screen that keeps sunny reflections to a minimum. Challenging daytime TV looks brilliant even in sun drenched rooms with over a billion shades of color.


See the world in a billion+ colors

Q Color ™

Push the boundaries of color with proprietary Quantum Dots, over a billion shades, and 100% color volume¹ – all reserved for our flagship QLED TVs.

A animated image of natural scenery to explain Q Color. As the color volume goes up from 70% to 100%, various colors look more vibrant and clear.

So, what exactly is color volume?

By definition, it's an index of how well colors are reproduced in richness and accuracy at different brightness. It’s like raising the volume on your stereo and getting full surround sound. With higher color volume, you get a wider, more diverse range of color that feels rejuvenated at higher brightness levels. Samsung QLED TV gives it all: 100% color volume.²

A background image shows day to night in one image from left to right and shows color volume 100% graphics, representing Samsung QLED TV shows color volume 100%  in day and night.

And why is it so important?

The secret behind color is some shades may appear dull or faded in brighter scenes; QLED TVs with 100% Color Volume provide a rejuvenating effect for these colors in challenging content for a brilliant visual experience.²

It begins with Quantum dots

Samsung Quantum Dots are nano-sized, cadmium-free, finely tuned particles that turn light into the brilliant billion plus colors you experience on QLED TVs.
Quantum dots are inorganic particles that resist wear out, so you can enjoy superb picture quality for years.

The Samsung QLED TV is seen from the side. And  Quantum dots of various color flows out from TV screen. And the text “Quantum Dot” is overlaid on the dots.
As the time changes from day to night, the view of the Earth from space in the Samsung QLED TV remains crisp and clear.

At any time, in any light

Q Contrastᵀᴹ

Experience dramatic depth and picture detail with incredibly deep blacks. You get realistic picture, whether you're watching in a room drenched with light or with no light at all.

See beyond the shadows

Q HDRᵀᴹ (powered by HDR 10+)
Q HDR was created by our combination of expertise and HDR10+ technology to give you a wider range of brightness and contrast to bring all the picture nuances to life. 2018 QLED TVs have the power to reveal stunning details and in-depth vibrant colors.

A faint image of an astronaut in a spaceship with a white background becomes more clear and lifelike in the Samsung QLED TV.

A closer look at HDR 10+

With HDR 10+, images are individually processed, scene by scene for optimized visuals with dynamic tone mapping. That means you get rich colors, deep contrasts, and simply spectacular picture quality for every scene you watch. It allows you to see what the content producers intended for you to see.³

A demo video shows that TV on a living room playing 4k car racing game. With Q HDR, the scene gets richer colors, deeper contrasts and better picture quality by dynamic tone mapping.

Engineered to Last

As some TVs age, you may see that colors are less vibrant. QLED TVs are built to last and provide a vibrant picture even after long periods of time. Our metal alloy quantum dot pixels feature inorganic materials that are engineered for durability and resistance to fading.

What is Burn-in? Burn-in is when station logos, stock tickers, or other images linger on your screen. But, with Samsung QLED TVs you don't have to worry because all QLED TVs are 100% guaranteed against burn-in.⁴

On the left is an OLED TV and on the right a QLED TV, both showing the same image of a spaceship. The HD logo on the left OLED TV looks blurred due to screen burn-in.

Discover Q-Engine


Samsung engineers developed the exclusive Q-Engine, a powerful processor that optimizes your content for 4K clarity, color, and HDR in real time.

Image of the Q Engine, equipped in the Samsung QLED TV, lighting up as it starts to run.

Step up your gaming

Get a leg up on the competition with minimal input lag and ultra fast refresh rates. Plus, advanced consoles like the Xbox One X automatically optimize TV settings for an enhanced gaming experience.

A scene from a FPS game. A solider is about to shooting gun to target. It looks real and dynamic.

See the BIGGER Picture

QLED TVs include a larger than life range of 75" and 82" class TVs that take on-screen entertainment up a level. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience where your favorite movies, shows, sports, and games appear larger than life.

See the BIGGER Picture
A motion that explains Samsung QLED’s big screen benefit. A scene is firstly shown in a small screen as a soccer player strikes a crucial goal during the game, barely see the crucial scene. TV screen expands to show a truly immersive viewing experience in a bigger screen.

¹ Samsung QLED is a Quantum Dot based TV. QLED televisions can produce 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screen and HDR movies for television.
² QLED televisions can produce 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screen and HDR movies for television.
³ HDR 10+ is compared against the HDR 10 standard, which is referred to "HDR" in the below video.
⁴ Burn-in is a permanent defect in areas of a TV display that can be caused by cumulative effects of displaying the same image or scene for long periods of time, sometimes even as little as one hour.

In the event of burn-in from normal consumer use, Samsung Customer Service (1-800-726-7864) will either repair or replace at its option the 2018 QLED TV with a similar model. This guarantee requires valid serial number, valid picture proof of burn-in, and product registration on Does not cover fraudulent claims or claims of burn-in resulting from negligence or improper use of TV.