S Pen

A new way to
say it your way.

  • Live message
    Live message
  • Smart select
    Smart select
  • Samsung Notes
    Samsung Notes
  • Screen off memo + pin to AOD
    Screen off memo + pin to AOD
Meet your new best pen.
S Pen replicates the ease, accuracy, and size of a real pen, allowing for a natural drawing and writing experience. The refined elastomer tip gaurantees unsurpassable accuracy. Also, it's battery-free.
Levels of pen pressure.
Millimeter pen tip
Live Message
Say it with a hand-drawn message.
Draw your own emojis, make animated GIFs or write handwritten messages on photos. Live messaging with the S Pen makes every message a more personal one.
Smart select
Create your own GIFs.
Use the S Pen's Smart select feature to select a section of a video and share them with your friends or on social media. You can also select intricate shapes from images to share or paste where you need them.
Samsung Notes
Draw it like you dreamed it.
Use the S Pen to sketch drawings or take the time to create a masterpiece. Bring all your ideas to life with Samsung Notes’ selection of brushes, pens and colors.
brush 1
brush 2
brush 3
brush 4
brush 5
brush 6

See what others have created.

Screen off memo
Take notes without unlocking.
Scribble notes, make lists and capture brilliant ideas while they come to you. Just remove the S Pen and screen off memo lets you write notes straight from standby — and can keep them handy by pinning them to the Always On Display.
Productivity tools
Tackle your to-do list.
Just because you’re not at a computer doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. Comb through fine-print, read a foreign language, multitask and mark up documents on the go using the S Pen’s unique hover interaction.

Screen write





Capture and annotate long articles, add markups and take notes.

Image of an online restaurant review with photo with the map app minimized and at the bottom right corner


Quickly cycle through apps by hovering the S Pen over thumbnails.

Image of a simulated map


Magnify sections of the screen up to 300% by hovering the S Pen over desired areas.

Image of a menu with a menu item translated into English


Hover the S Pen over words to translate as you read.

Keep your phone portrait for the best experience