Elevated performance.
Peak productivity.

Work more efficiently and accurately with the highest resolution displays Samsung has to
offer. Top color precision, ergonomic design and intelligent eye care technology allow you
to pursue your passions and maximize your productivity.

The right monitor for the job

Whether it's for a creative project or analyzing data, our versatile line-up of high resolution monitors provide a choice to match your needs. Choose the features and specifications that will help you
meet your goals.

Features vary by model. For specific information, please visit the individual product detail pages through the link above.

Broaden the boundaries
of your performance

Create the perfect working environment to unlock your potential with Samsung high
resolution monitors that deliver optimal creativity and flexibility.

Picture perfect resolution for peak performance

Picture perfect resolution for peak performance Picture perfect resolution for peak performance

Life-like colors, crystal-clear accuracy

Experience vivid and vibrant detail with high resolution monitors that support over 1 billion colors and HDR10, for real-world accuracy regardless of screen size.

HDR 10
Over 1 Billion
High Dynamic Range sRGB Coverage¹ Colors

More space, more detail

With cutting edge high resolution technology, more pixels shows more detail. The wide viewing angle
lets you enjoy vibrant color from any point of view.

Monitor screen displays video editing software, with video frames along the bottom, and editing tools on the right side of the screen. In the center of the screen, the focus of the editing shows a pathway illuminated in bright pink and purple colors. It is overlaid with three white squares showing the specifications of the three resolution options available for the monitor, UHD (3840x2160), QHD (2560x1440) and FHD (1920x1080).

Optimize your working environment

Unlock the possibilities

Stunning Ultra HD picture quality and versatile screen display options increase productivity so you get the most out of your workspace.

3840x2160 resolution² More pixels than FHD Display inputs from 2 PCs at the same time Quick & easy screen split

Accelerated speed and power

With a single USB-C connection, you can quickly and easily transmit large volumes of
data and send display signals between devices.³

90W 1 GB
Charging Data Transfer with LAN port

Ahead of the curve

The 1000R curved display on the S65UA closely matches the human eye for a more
immersive viewing experience.

Connect everything, create anything

Unclutter your space

Acting as a docking station, cables and peripherals can be
connected directly to your monitor, creating a clutter-free
workspace, especially for multi-screen setups.

Multiple ports, more connectivity

With various input ports, you can connect multiple
peripherals without connecting to a laptop or extra hubs
to make your workspace less cluttered.

90W Charging³ 1GB Data Transfer Daisy Chain

Flexibility to maximize everyday productivity

A variety of adjustment settings and TÜV certified eye care
technology keep you comfortable and focused, while a slim
design and 3-sided borderless display provides a clean,
modern look.

HAS Swivel & Tilt Pivot VESA 2.5MM
Height Adjustable Stand⁴ Compatible Slim metal stand

Protect your eyes and do more

Adaptive picture Automatically adjust
brightness and color temperature
Eye saver mode Minimize blue light emission
Flicker free Remove screen flicker
Monitor screen shows a man wearing an open shirt with his chest exposed and denim jeans, jumping in the air with his right arm in the air and left arm at a 90-degree angle creating a right angle shape. His right leg is bent and left leg is straight out with toes pointed while mid-air. To the right of the man is a wooden fence, all against a plain white background. It is overlaid with two boxes, with the top box being filled by a darker color. The top box is overlaid with the text “When it's dark” and the bottom box is overlaid with the text “When it's bright” to demonstrate the lighting adjustment capability of the monitor. The whole scene is superimposed within the bezels of the screen along with the monitor stand and base.

Go green for a sustainable future

Committed to being eco-friendly

We’re minimizing the footprint on the environment by
consuming energy more efficiently and making less waste.

World Class Immersion. World Class Performance

Defy reality and conquer all, with the Odyssey Neo G9.

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199% sRGB coverage not available on the S65UA monitor. 2Only available on the S80UA, S70UA, S70A monitors.3USB-C (90W charging) port only available on the S80UA, S65UA, S60UA monitors.4Height adjustment not available on the S70A monitor.5"32 S70A monitor is not TCO certified. 32" S60A & 32" S60UA monitors are not EnergyStar/ EPEAT/TCO certified.