Accessibility for everyone

Meaningful Innovation

'Technological innovation for all' is an ideal which brings meaning and joy to our lives. All of Samsung’s products, content, and services are built around a 'human-centred philosophy that recognizes diversity and embraces difference'.
Samsung pursues technological innovation that's available to all users.

Accessibility Design Principles


Empathetically designed with attention to detail for all our users

We at Samsung are constantly trying to simplify our product interface, employing a variety of research methodologies to align our design approach to the needs and desires of the user. We make a sincere effort to listen to and understand all of our users.


Balanced and equally designed for all

We seek to design for all users. We at Samsung work to overcome discriminatory tendencies in the technology industry and strongly feel that physical or cognitive impairments should not be a hindrance for any user when interacting with our products. We adhere to a set of firm guidelines in this regard. From as early on as the planning stages of each product, we ensure that our products provide a holistic experience to all users.


Consistent design experience for all products

Samsung products provide a variety of optional functions for people limited in their movements. Continuous research and development in accessibility design ensures that all Samsung products offer equal levels of functionality to all its users.


Designed together

Samsung has a dedicated team of professionals from various fields to provide a product-service-educate experience system. Employees with disabilities, research institutes and like-minded communities and groups all work together to provide a more hands-on approach during design. We also conduct and support internal competitions to open up possibilities for further innovation, not only for product development, but also for giving back to the community.