S Pen

The intelligent tool that sets Galaxy Note9 apart.

Remote control

The pen that does more, so you can do more.

The S Pen is now a remote for your Note9. With the press of a button, you can snap photos, change slides, and pause YouTube—or set custom controls.1 Slip it back into the Note9 for 30 more minutes of power with just 40 seconds of charging.2

  • Close Up View of Yellow Samsung Galaxy Note9 S Pen Fine Tip Stylus
  • S Pen standing straight up


A natural extension of you.

Bring your ideas to life with S Pen's responsiveness and control. With its fine 0.7mm tip and 4096 levels of pressure, your precise strokes will feel as graceful as putting pen to paper.

Pressure levels

Remote camera access

Point, pose, and click from anywhere.

No more rushing to beat the timer, straining your arm for a selfie, or getting left out of a group shot. The S Pen's remote camera feature lets you be photographer, subject, and art director all at once.1

Presentation control

Command your slideshow without touching your phone.

Own the pitch. Connect your Note9 to Samsung DeX, pull up your presentation, and switch slides with the S Pen to make an impression with just the press of a button.1 2

Woman Using S Pen Stylus To Control Slideshow Presentation With Samsung Galaxy Note9 Phone

*Some functions and user experience may differ by DeX accessory.

Enhanced apps

Your favorite apps, but better.

The S Pen doesn't just snap selfies and switch slides. Use the S Pen to shuffle music or pause and play shows from up to 30 feet away.1 Connect your S Pen to a variety of installed and third-party apps3 or set custom commands for more control than ever.

Samsung Notes

Powerful productivity at your fingertips.

Discover the simplest way to keep it all together. The Samsung Notes app tracks your brainstorms, stores your Screen off memos, and categorizes your ideas so you can access meeting notes, project drawings, and other essentials with ease.

Menus and Folders of Notes and Drawings on Display Screen of Samsung Galaxy Note9 Phone

Live Message

Add some fun to your messages.

Liven up your chats with AR Emoji and the S Pen. Doodle and draw on your emojis or get your point across like only you can with a handwritten note.4

AR Emoji Characters Combined with S Pen Stylus and AR Emoji
Simulated animation of an AR Emoji sticker showing a woman pointing at her watch with text on top.
AR Emoji Characters Combined with S Pen Stylus and AR Emoji
Simulated animation of an AR Emoji sticker showing a woman dancing with text on top.