Together for Tomorrow
Enabling People

They're curious. They're passionate. They're fearless. They have a desire to contribute to a better world and Samsung gives them resources, technology and tools that help them make a positive change. Samsung believes in the potential of tomorrow's innovators So we contribute to much-needed programs, expertise and education for the people who need and want them the most. We think the greatest opportunity of our time is to recognize innovators and help them create a brighter tomorrow.

Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People

Samsung is empowering tomorrow’s innovators and leaders by providing education to future generations. In this way, we can pioneer positive social change and build a better world for all. Ultimately, we value our shared success with partners and communities and are dedicated to empowering our communities and employees now and for the future.

Our Focus Areas

We aim to create positive change through our corporate citizenship programs based on global societal needs and aligned with our core competencies as a global leading technology company.



Samsung is committed to improving communities by providing the next generation with the educational support that they need the most, regardless of their background, ability or personal circumstances.



As we create technology that improves and enhances the lives for all of our customers, we are also committed to investing our resources to improving the lives of veterans and military families.


In the Community

While many of our efforts have national reach, we extend our support just as heartily to smaller organizations whose work is so vital in keeping local communities vibrant.